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Nickslots, A Commonly Uttered Name In The Gambling World

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After the advent of online gambling, this has become the most popular way of playing gambling games. Many beginners have never gone to the brick and mortar casino but started playing online and play far competitively with the top gamblers. Many gamblers are popular in the online gambling across the world. Many gamblers are gaining worldwide gamblers’ attention by streaming online gambling. Among them, the one of the most popular online gamblers who devoted his whole life to the online gambling is Nickslots.  

Nickslots, A Commonly Uttered Name In The Gambling World 1

Beginning of Nickslots

Nick Preston, from the Yorkshire, England, has become famous in online gamble streaming and the world of gambling mostly knows him as Nickslots. He became famous for his twitch casino streaming initially and for his specialization in slot machines. Astonishingly, he is the first casino streamer in the united kingdom. His curiosity and interest in the gambling grew a long time before he started streaming online gambling when he was a teenager. From that teenage time, he used to spin reels of fruits. From there, the real interest of gambling grew in him and later he decided to make gambling as his career or occupation.

The journey of being popular

He started his streaming journey by casino streaming on the Twitch platform. But he didn’t stop there. As his online casino streaming goes on viral and is liked by the people, he also starts providing real enjoyment to the people. He has not focused only on one platform that is twitch, he also opened accounts on several top social media. He is on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. He also has his personal website where gamblers can enjoy real enjoyable and interesting content and videos. 


Since when Nickslots came to Youtube, Instagram, he has been so active and always has been keeping his content on improving. Thus he from the very initial time, he became popular there too. As of May 2020, Nickslots has a total of 38,000 subscribers on Youtube, which is far greater than other online casino streamers. He has 27,800 followers on the Twitch account and on Twitter, he has 5,500 followers. He has come on Twitter in 2016, Feb. 

Viewership statistics

Nickslots’ videos gain so huge viewers on every platform. In his Youtube channel, among the total number of videos uploaded, more than 15 videos have more than 1M viewers, and 5 videos have more than 2M viewers. That is quite high on Youtube. Among all, the most popular video of Nickslots is the Huge Win that is the live winning video of Nickslots in the most popular worldwide slot machine game. There he won pound 2,513 GBP, which is equivalent to 3,102 USD approx. In this video, Nickslots gained more than 2.8M viewers on Youtube from November 2018, the time of upload. Nickslots’ videos really help gamblers to gain interests and encourage them to be devoted to the gambling sphere.   

Schedule of streaming

Usually, Nickslots set his schedule to stream for at least 5 hours each in 4 days a week. He usually comes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday each day from 11.00 to 16.00 GMT. Many online gamble streamers make videos of replays of their real games. But Nickslots streams live casino because he takes social media marketing seriously and thus achieves success. That is why on his Twitch account he uploads his failures as well. On Youtube, followers and viewers watch live about his win and lose. His activeness and genuineness prove that.

His venture

In his official website, he keeps uploading his gambling videos, informative ones, different casino information, bonus details, that gamblers find very helpful. Apart from opening his website, he also a co-founder of a popular gambling page called casino grounds. 

  • There he uploads information about new casinos and also posts a detailed section about that visitors find useful. There he also gives a link to his official website clicking there, gamblers can easily visit to his website.
  • On that website, Nickslots post the extraordinary experiences of other popular gamblers who share their streaming experiences. 
  • On the casino grounds site, there are options like the guide to start gambling, a guide to play new trending betting games, bonuses, news, etc. that gamblers find so interesting and useful. 

Secrets of being liked

Nickslots’ biggest secret is his genuineness. He proved multiple times about his real contents, genuine gambles, and live streaming, not a replay. He communicates with followers, interacts with them. He solves the problems of gamblers, posts valuable contents, pieces of information. His popularity day by day increasing because of his hard work and efforts he puts in his streaming and websites, for the marketing of his channels and to reach out to maximum gamblers across the world. His first ever video and latest video is easily comparative on the basis of audio and video quality. He has visibly improved his posts with the latest technologies.

His net worth

Nickslots prefers to keep his income and personal life private. But as the monetary criteria of the social media, from Twitch advertisements and videos, he should earn around 28,000 USD per year. Again, on twitch, streamers earn a massive portion of their income from donations, which is around 120,000 USD per year for Nickslots. But several reports say that Nickslots donates to charity programs all his earnings from donations, recently he personally said this statement in one of the popular casinos’ interviews.

From youtube streaming, Nickslots use to earn around 2,400 USD to 6,000 USD per year. He earns also from the advertisements on youtube videos, donations on youtube.

From sponsorship, partnerships, affiliate marketing links with more than 6 casinos, his ventures of the website start-ups, ads on his official website, etc. Nickslots earn most of his annual income. 

With appreciable hard works and dedication, Nickslots has gained this popularity. He is gambling since his teenage time, so there can be no commercial reason possible as he is the true example of dedication and focused person. That is why other gamblers follow his path to achieve and win their goal.             

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  1. Utter, utter fanboy crap. Ive got nothing against Nick but Rocknrolla was already streaming way before Nickslots. Thebandit too. If you want to go right back tho, the first cult uk streamer was probably SeasideMark. Know your subject before you type fanboy drivel.


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