Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Some Just Record Podcasts So You Can Stay Entertained!


Entertainment from podcasts- the entertainment on the go. People around the globe depend on various forms of podcasts to get them through the day. Some use it as ambient noises, while others are dedicated listeners. With phone technology, podcasting has become an easy way to keep yourself occupied.

When we talk about entertainment from podcasts, we often think of funny or witty podcasts. They may not make you laugh-out-loud and require less attention as compared to a TV show or a movie, and they are sure to keep you hooked. A podcast like the Joey Diaz podcast has so much originality and substance that it will paint a whole new picture of the world through humor.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Some Just Record Podcasts So You Can Stay Entertained! 1

While cooking, driving, or working-out — there is not a situation where a heavy dose of entertainment is not appreciated. Podcasts act as a helpful aid to make mundane tasks more exciting. The advantage of it being just an audio medium allows you to use it as a background to your everyday work.

Here are a few podcasters who have made it their life’s goal to keep you hooked. There are a few hosts who bring unique magic to the podcasting world and have been a significant source of amusement for many.

Joe Rogan 

One of the most known names in the podcasting world, his consistency with content, has deemed him on the top of every list in the world. Joe Rogan’s podcast is insightful, unapologetic, and supremely entertaining. Although he himself is a comedian, his guests are not restricted to the comedy world. Archives and visionaries from all walks of life have been a part of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

The podcast sometimes stretches up to three hours and yet never has a dull moment. Rogan has a way of skillfully asking his guests the questions that you always wanted to ask. His podcast has some revolutionary opinions and thought-provoking wisdom. Greats like Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, and Robert Downey Jr have all been part of his journey.      

Joey Diaz 

American Comedian Joey Diaz and his podcast “The Church of What’s Happening Now” is hands down the most entertaining show. His vast life experience is evident from the format of the podcast. The messaging is always positive and highly optimistic. He has seen a life that not many people experience, and these insights help mold the episodes.  

He has guests on his podcast who usually share the same insights on life as him. His perspective on everyday things are so bizarre and out of the blue that it will put a happy smile on your face. His equation with Lee Syatt, his podcast-sidekick, is another reason why there is never a moment of monotony in these.

Marc Maron

WTF with Marc Maron is a celebrated podcast with over a thousand episodes and more than Two-hundred-fifty-million downloads. This show started in 2009 always paved the path to podcasting. He is a master of interviewing and a man of experience. The Marc Maron podcast episodes with Robin Williams, Barack Obama, and Ben Stiller are unique pieces of content that set him apart.

His podcasts are entertaining since he knows how to hold a conversation. Throughout an episode, you will find moments of self-realizations and awe-inspiring moments. His casual tone of voice makes even the most serious of topics sound enjoyable.  

Kate Quigley.

This is a podcast with a distinct flavor and relatable to the average joe. Kate’s podcast “#DateFails With Kate Quigley” is a show where she gets celebrities to open up about the worst dates they have been on. Since tragedy plus time equals comedy, this is a perfect concoction for entertainment. If you know the celebrity of now, a story of a wrong date will always make you laugh.

The podcast, produced by “All Things Comedy,” is admired by prominent critics in America. Her playful voice and overly excited outlook on life give the illusion of time passing by when you listen to the podcast. Her own personal insights about being single in the mean world add a whole lot of giggles to any story.

Conan O’Brien. 

Conan is a world-renowned late-night show host and one of the funniest men on TV. His podcast, “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” features some of the most established comedians. He and his guests have friendly banter about all things around them. If you have seen any clips of his show ”Conan on TBS”, then this podcast is a treat.

His rapport with his guests is top-notch. Being professional and witty is one of those characteristics that makes Conan so easy to listen to. His guests are in the likes of Whitney Cummings, David Letterman, Bill Burr, and many more.  

Rich Vos & Bonnie McFarlane

Married power couple Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane have a podcast so hilarious and entertaining it’s hard to miss. Their podcast, ”My Wife Hates Me,” is raillery between the couple about the institution of marriage and the humor behind it. The podcast is so raw and honest; you will want to binge on this for hours.

On some occasions, they bring a guest on the podcast they call a “marriage counselor” to delegate the arguments. The two comedians have a personality that is poles apart, which makes the show that much more fun. If you ever thought about listening to a couple, discuss life is boring; you will re-thing your judgments once you give this podcast a chance.

In conclusion

Being entertaining in an audio medium needs skill and dedication. The more the experience, the better you get at this. Some of these legends have mastered the art and brought new life to their podcasts. Other shows like “Monday Morning Podcast,” “The Brilliant idiots,” and “How Did This Get Made?” are a few more you should add to your list.  

A podcast does not demand your full attention, and this trait makes it unique in many ways. While your music playlists could get annoying, repetitive, or out-dated, this will never be the case with a podcast. There is something new and exciting hitting the world each day, and there is a buffet of options to pick from.  


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