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Notary Stamp: Every Citizen Should Know its Importance


A common man may not be aware of a few things related to government-related procedures. All of us would be asking someone in our family, friends, or others dealing with government-related affairs when it comes to document registration.

Just like that comes here the notary stamp.

Did all of us know about the notary seal or notary stamp?

The notarial seal is a kind of seal used in the verification process to mention that the provided details and facts in the document, including the person who had put their signatures on the document, are authentic. It also acts as validation for the people who have signed the document has been verified.

Find out the Difference Between Notary Attestation and Notary Stamp.

Are the notary stamp and notary attestation are same?

No. both are different, here we will see about notary attestation.

The basic authentication procedure will be done before other attestation procedures are completed for a document where you can see a notary stamp. So, the document will be legalized for further proceedings. Further, a document will be considered as a completely notarized document only when it has the notary stamp, seal along with the registration number and date. A notary public will also keep an account of the notary act in his register for verification purposes in the future.

Do we Ever Think about the Eligibility for a Notary Professional?

We have a clear idea about which course we have to choose after higher education. But, have you think about the eligibility to become a notary professional?

You need to complete your degree in law, and you should have worked as an advocate for ten years. But, if you are a woman, your expected working years will be reduced to seven years, and it will be applicable for the persons who come under a special category.

Else it would help if you had worked in any other government department that would come under Indian legal services.

If you do not come under the above-mentioned categories, then you can look out for these criteria. It would help if you worked either as a state government employee or as a central government employee and the acquired law skills required for an advocate.

 Documents Need to be Notarized.

The documents which will be used in the court proceedings and those documents that are involved in banking transactions should get notarized, and it is mandatory.  A notary public will assist with the new procedures and changes in the document validation.

 Name of a Person Involved in These Procedures

Then, how can we refer a person who is doing this work? Can we refer them as an advocate?

No, we cannot call them an advocate, but they are notary public. Their main area of work will be preventing fraudulent activities while authenticating and processing the legal documents. But, a lawyer has the power to serve as a notary public, but a notary public cannot do the work of a lawyer.

Validity  for an Authenticated Document

It will be valid for a period of six months only. After six months, it will be considered an invalid document.

Authorities for Legal Declaration in a Special Case

Do you know who is all the authorities can take part in the legal declaration in special cases?

The authorities who work in the bank, government insurance companies, or other government offices can participate in a person’s verification process for legal declaration. This notarial affidavit can be used as evidence before the law. As mentioned above, these notarial affidavits also last only for a period of six months.

Authenticating the Document From Another State

Is it possible for a notary to authenticate or notarize a document from another state in our country?

Under certain circumstances, the notary public will be allowed to authenticate or notarize the documents from any other state in our country.

It is possible only if it falls under the geographical boundaries of the concerned notary’s commission state.


The Significance of the Notary Stamp Globally

We may come across many information about the notary stamp in our country. But we also need to know about the significance of the notary stamp all over the world. On a global view, there is a popular notary stamp in the world called trodat.

Yes, the name of the notary stamp is Trodat4913. It reached the record of highest selling notary stamp in the world. Around 200 million stamps have been sold.

A Special Notary Stamp Attracts the User.

This stamp’s special feature has an exclusive ink pad with a finger grip for the user’s convenience. So, the user can clean the impression after usage, and it can be replaced easily.

This notary stamp. It is designed in such a way that there is no need to re-ink frequently.

In the united states of America, there is an association available for the notaries. They approve different ink colors that can be used on a notary stamp seal. They are as follows, blue, black, purple, green, and red.

The Need for This Information?

This article aims to educate the readers about certain information that they may not come across until now or informative for them in the future.  You can recall the points mentioned here while registering the documents.

Is This Information is Enough to Proceed Further?

Though notary stamps have been provided here, it will be good to seek a professional dealing with the notary stamp procedures and good relations with a notary public. They may help you know what a notary public expects you to do to notarize your document. Not everyone can get this kind of support; in such cases adhering to the rules and regulations will be the only choice.

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