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One day in Flood


In the midst of huge crowd hustling for train tickets, she is desperately hoping to get one ticket to travel in local train. The whole city is flooding and the condition is indeed miserable for the residents. Now the people are battling to move out of the city with the last breath possible. She would not have anticipated this a week before. But today, her concern is to get into a local train to the city junction. She is the only teen girl surrounded by huge guys jostling with each other to move forward.


Her entire body is completely drenched in rain and by now she started shivering in the cold. Moreover, she did not have her breakfast. Hunger and cold together torment her and kills her energy slowly. Now it’s her turn to get the ticket. She hurries to the reservation counter after receiving the issued ticket. She has not yet booked the ticket for her journey to home.

It is heavily raining outside; she is drowned till knees. Somehow she manages to crawl to the reservation counter on the other side of the platform.  To her luck, there is no much crowd. But the time is running out. She has the catch the 2.30 train badly to reach before midnight. She runs to the counter, picks up the form, fills it hurriedly and pays the exact amount for the ticket. Here awaits a shock to her. The person on the side informs her about the temporary cessation of local trains.

She is in the complete dilemma; if to take a risk or go back to the hostel. She calls her parents and asks for the opinion. They want her to flee the city immediately. She buys the ticket, praying for the arrival of one last local train. While she nears the platform where local trains stop, she hears the announcement of the arrival of local trains. She has no bounds to happiness and literally runs to the platform. Again, there are thousands of people waiting to board the last train of the day.  Amidst the jolting crowd, pushing each other roughly, she manages to board the train.

The other passengers looked at her pitifully like a dying dog. She is so pathetic, with all her things wet.  The clock stroke 12 pm and she feels her heart racing fast. She is continuously praying to reach the station at least at 2 pm. The train is stumbled by the water filled tracks and it is dead slow. Her hopes are faltering. Suddenly the train speeds up and at 1.30, she reaches the station. On the way to city junction, the entire pathway is filled with drainage water.

She is careful in each and every step. She wants to return home alive. At one point, she finds herself completely drained and about to fall off.  But a helping hand saves her life. She reaches the noisy, dirty station packed with numerous people belonging to different states and districts with a single hope of fleeing the city. The flood has affected them cruelly and drastically changed the lives in a day.

It’s almost time and she awaits the train. But the train has been delayed for an hour. ‘It’s never too late’. She is relieved to board the train, after all, the worst happenings. One day is like a one thousand year in trouble. The best thing is she is one of those lucky people alive.

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