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Online Casino Lobbies – Quality Vs. Quantity


One of the deciding factors when choosing an online casino is the range of casino games they have on offer. While we know a great welcome promotion and a well-designed site can draw you in, there are other elements at play when it comes to enjoying games over and over again.

One aspect that matters long term is customer service; another is the payment methods and processes. You need your queries answered promptly and professionally. When it comes to money, you want convenience, and to be able to withdraw quickly. However, the main concern is where you will be spending most of your time.

An online casino lobby can give you a good indication of whether the casino will be a place where you can have fun, and whether it will keep you entertained. Having a large number of games to choose from and play is important, but where does quality come into the picture? We take a look at whether you should choose quality over quantity, or if it is possible to get both.

Online Casino Lobby – Quantity

Some online casinos like to dazzle their customers with a huge array of titles, whereas others focus on providing a select few. We’re here to work out the pros and cons of each approach. 

When reviewing casinos, before you sign up for an account, we recommend heading to the lobby. On this page, you’ll see the choice of table games, slot games, and perhaps live-dealer or other special games that are available.  

Just by clicking on these different tabs, you should be able to get a feel for whether the casino has a large selection of games or whether it is relatively small. The best sites make these pages easy to navigate by organizing their offerings into different categories. You can search by software provider, see which games are available on mobile, and find other games that are new to the site. 

Signs of Quantity

If an online casino offers games from a number of different software developers, it is likely that they will have a larger selection. This is the first sign, but there are many more ways to check the number of games.

Casino lobbies tend to display their range of games using tiles in a grid. By scrolling and casting your eye over these tiles, you can get a rough estimate of the number of games available. If you will be mostly playing on a mobile site, it is worth looking at how many of the games can be played there as it could be a much smaller number. Sometimes, not all games are available on the mobile platform.

Your Experience

The most prevalent type of game at any casino will usually be the slot games. If you are a fan of slots, it is best to look for a casino with a high number of games, but that doesn’t guarantee entertainment. 

If you want to try some different games, we recommend looking for casinos that have a number of games in each category. This means a few special games such as scratch cards, keno, or bingo, as well as blackjack varieties and live casino games. 

Online Casino Lobby – Quality

A casino could offer 500 different games, but if the majority of them are one dimensional, then you won’t enjoy your time at that casino. We have found that quality matters, so we’re here to explain how you can look for it and find a way to meet your needs.

You can begin to judge quality by glancing at the games in the casino lobby, but sometimes it is necessary to delve a bit deeper. The tabs that show the choice of games are a good indicator, by looking at these, you will get an idea of the variety. 

Using casino review sites and finding free-play versions of some of the titles that interest you can help when it comes to determining quality. The reviews will mention the software developers involved, as well as commenting on the quality of the games. Researching specific titles will tell you more about whether the games in the lobby have the feature to give you an enjoyable experience.

Signs of Quality

The best games have style and substance. The first thing to look for in terms of quality are games that have impressive graphics. You can judge this from the free-play versions, or from learning more about the developers who made the games, as many have solid reputations for delivering stunning animations.

When it comes to substance, you want games that have interesting features and a good RTP or return to the player. These two factors will affect your winnings and your time enjoying the game. Live casino games bring some added excitement and a new dimension to table games. When it comes to slots, bonus features are what keeps a game interesting in the long-term.

Your Experience

If you have a particular preference for a game, remember to look out for it when searching the casino library. If you like progressive jackpots, having a choice of one or two quality games with this feature will make an online casino selection much more appealing for you. 

If you like roulette, make sure you pick a casino with the European version as it has better odds. Alternatively, if video poker is what you prefer, we recommend checking the pay tables to see if you’re getting the most for your money at Jacks or Better.

How to Have it All

Quality and quantity aren’t mutually exclusive, but you will need to do your research to find the online casino that ticks all the boxes for you. The main thing to remember is to keep your preferences in mind when you start. If you play progressive jackpot slot games on your mobile, these are the areas to focus on. 

Last but Not Least

An online casino lobby is designed to draw you in. While the glitz and glamor is part of the appeal, pausing to take in the casino games on offer in terms of quantity and quality, will ensure a far more entertaining experience in the long run. 



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