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Online Games That Movie Buffs Will Love

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Contemporary online games often borrow a huge amount of inspiration from the world of movies, as everything from zombies to samurai to cowboys are plucked from the big screen and thrust into virtual gaming realms.

Here we highlight just some of the types of games that have it in them to transport players back to the scenes of their most beloved movies.

Online Games That Movie Buffs Will Love 1

All these games have the power to make players believe they are occupying the set of their favourite movie

Online Casino Games Channel Everyone’s Favourite 00

Ever since Sean Connery rolled up to the baccarat and blackjack tables in glamorous, but slightly dangerous, casino locations around the world, such games have always been synonymous with the Ian Fleming character.

To prove the point, there are many online and offline casinos whose dealers ape the dresswear that Bond dons in most of his casino appearances. This gives players the feeling that, just like Bond, they will storm the house, pick up a complementary casino bonus or snack, and leave triumphant, with a beautiful entourage in tow.

There is no doubt that plenty of casino gamers who play online via their mobile phones are caught on buses or trains humming the Bond theme tune as they play.


Many modern games now have stories and plotlines that put some movies to shame

Open World Games Embody Wild West Spirit

Hollywood was built on westerns and so it is no surprise that online games have been heavily influenced by movies that depicted the wild west and its horse-riding heroes.

The genre that has most taken to the cowboy lifestyle is that of open world games. The Red Dead series is the most famous of these, although there are other incredible titles like Hard West and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. More such games are sure to follow in the future.

Platformers and Puzzlers with More Than a Hint of Noir

Games developers are increasingly coming round to the idea that, just like a good novelist or screen writer, their job is to draw people in with a compelling story and characters rather than just wowing their players with impressive graphics and special effects.

However, the best game designers find a way to have their game settings actually interact with and complement the personalities of their protagonists and avatars.

Nowhere is this more so the case than with those platformers and puzzlers that channel a noir aesthetic. Some excellent examples of this are the PS4’s Calvino Noir and the cult classic that is Grim Fandango for the PC. Both these games will have noir movie buffs salivating over everything from their moody graphics to their cinematic soundtracks.

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