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OSRS Gold: All Important Things You Need To Know


OSRS Gold or Old School RuneScape gold is the major sort of currency for the game RuneScape and its retro version Old School RuneScape. Developed by Jagex in 2001, the game RuneScape is an MMORPG or a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

An MMORPG is a genre of video games where thousands of players are permitted to play in the game at the exact time via the Internet. They often have both PvE (Player Vs Environment) and PvP (Player Vs Player) gameplay components.

To take entire advantage of all the characteristics of this game and have an incredible experience, you need to be hoarded with the game currency. So in this article, you will learn everything you need to know about OSRS Gold and buckle up, to begin with, the game.

1. About the game – RuneScape

RuneScape is a fantasy MMORPG game, initially released in January 2001 for the public as a beta version. Since then this game has earned recognition and evolved into one of the top five most prominent online games around the globe.

Due to its heightening popularity, it was recently released again on Steam on the 14th of October 2020. The RuneScape Classic servers were perpetually closed from 6th August 2018 due to frequent accumulating bugs and the company’s incompatible engine.

The recent version of this game is also discerned as RuneScape3 or RS3. In February 2013, a rendition of this game named Old School RuneScape was released. This is a former version of the game from August 2007 which operates alongside the persistent versions.

With more than two hundred million gamer accounts established, this game found its spot in the Guinness Book Of World Records for being the world’s fastest, free, and most remodeled MMORPG. This game can be played on several platforms like Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux.

 This game is set up in the medieval fantasy world of Gielinor which is distributed into kingdoms, cities, and many numerous adventurous places. The entire territory in Gielinor is crammed with ample adventures. The players have to fight with several demons, complete several quests, encounter various challenges in different customizable avatars.

They can wander through the realm by different means like enchantment spells, charter watercraft, or as a pedestrian. There is no rigorous linear storyline, the players sketch their objectives and discover their strategy through the game.

Players interact with different players who can be anywhere in the world, via chatting, trading, or by indulging in various mini-games and distinct activities. Thus this is one of the nicest online games worth giving an attempt.

2. What is OSRS Gold?

The currency utilized in the game RuneScape which enables the players to trade or buy anything like harpoons, types of equipment, or additional game installations in the game is OSRS Gold or RuneScape 3 gold or RS3 Gold.

It counts on on the deficit of gold the player has for inferring whether it will be cheap or expensive for the player to purchase gold. Players can earn a fortune and be wealthy in the game by gold farming.

The in-game economy authorizes the players to reap money through farming gold, but most of them cannot even fulfill the fundamental requirements. So ultimately the players have to purchase the currency and look for cheap OSRS gold. 

3. How to manage RS3 Gold needs without buying?

The first thing as a newcomer player you do is gold farming. RuneScape provides the players with the alternative of farming gold. But this does not accomplish the gold needs when one starts going forth in the game. There are many in-game opportunities to accumulate gold.

As the player continues, the game unlocks several characters, reveals new regions of Gielinor, and trains for new abilities, the opportunities expand. These involve slaying mightier creatures, taking part in superior loots, cutting trees, and leveling and earning gold by cracking different levels.

The players can also take part in the Grand Exchange and can earn lots of OSRS Gold by skimming OSRS items. You can make a lot of profit, for example, you can earn around 25-30 million Old School RS Gold for your pocket every day. By cashing in your long term investments you can amass billions of RS3 Gold every day.

The players can also strive wood cutting and fishing up to certain levels which are risk-free because after some levels they start posing difficult threats which leads you to sacrifice what you already have.

Taking part in PvT Combats is another means of earning gold but before setting in motion for this option you need to be ready to sacrifice most of the equipment you have in case you face a defeat.

It includes intense fights with monstrous gorillas which slew to yield precious gadgets like Zenyte Shards or Cerberuses, Dragon Scimitar, Reunite bolts, and Rune platelets.

But if you succeed you can earn lots of OSRS Gold which you can utilize for getting Dragon bones and Restore potions and even the precious Primordial Crystals.

Another lenient way to collect OSRS Gold is to buy it online. Most players prefer looking for reasonable offers to acquire OSRS Gold. 

4. Farming of OSRS Gold

In-game farming of OSRS gold is a popular activity among the players. You can grow OSRS Gold on your field in-game, by planting magic saplings that yield gold after maturing. You can also look for herbs boxes for more gold. Watch the video for a little guide to gold farming.

You receive them if you log in daily, it only sums up to your treasure. If you’re looking for an additional interesting option, combats are also there. It is worth trying to collect gold first on your then if you need more you can cite other options too.

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5. How to buy OSRS gold

There are many online trading sites for buying OSRS Gold. You need to be very careful why purchasing OSRS Gold, there are spammers and fake sites that lure you by presenting cheap offers and once you show interest they loot your money. So buying safe and cheap should be a priority.

Some of the best sites from where you can purchase safely are RSGold mine, Mmo gah, El Dorado, G2G, and PlayerAuctions. It is best to purchase OSRS Gold from a Gold selling Marketplace where players buy and sell from each other all types of the game currencies including OSRS Gold.

Watch the video to understand how to buy RuneScape gold safely.

They ensure that there is no spamming and the players are getting what they’re paying for. For instance, if a player has not yet delivered the OSRS Gold to the marketplace then he/she won’t be given money, this prevents spam. 

There are many factors on which the price of OSRS Gold depends, like the availability of stock, delivery time, amount of OSRS Gold you’re buying, the basic price of RuneScape Gold set by the seller, etc. You can always look for different offers on various sites and look for the one suitable for you.

For buying OSRS Gold all you need to do is follow these steps-

  1. Register yourself to the site you’ve chosen. Some sites may not require you to register.
  1. Enter your character name and the amount of gold you’re willing to purchase
  2. Click on the Buy option and enter payments details and other required information
  3. To make trade login to the game

And you’re ready to unlock different features and avatars in the game.

6. How to use OSRS Gold judiciously

It is important to use the game currency judiciously so that you don’t have to spend money frequently. Spend money only where it is required, you need not buy all the equipment in one go. You need to spend them rationally and think twice before using them. 

It is not recommended to use the OSRS Gold to skip the low-level quests all the time. Some players tend to skip these quests because they take a lot of time to complete. But you need to keep in mind that even though they take a little bit more time, they will increase your assets and sharp your skills for future quests.

And if you skip then by spending money, you are losing OSRS Gold which will empty your pockets. These are some tips you need to keep in mind before playing RuneScape. 

7. When to sell OSRS Gold

If you have extra stock of OSRS Gold in your account, you can make quite a bit of fortune by selling it. Swapping OSRS Gold is a simple process, you need to comprehend the process. There are several players out there who are aiming to buy OSRS Gold because they find it time-consuming to collect some.

If you gauge OSRS Gold with real money, it has a decent value. For example, on GoldRS.com, the value of 10 million of RS3 Gold is $7.31 and on RSGilded the value is $1.1 for OSRS Gold and $0.18 for RuneScape Gold on a  per million basis. This in-game economy has thrived over the years due to the surging popularity of the game willing participation in trade.

So whenever you can make some supplementary OSRS gold by the numerous methods explained above, trading it online can reap you with a few excess dollars every day.

8. How to sell OSRS Gold

There are numerous protected, vetted, and verified sites where you can peddle your OSRS Gold at decent rates. Some sites only purchase currencies for specific games and of course, RuneScape Gold will be one of them due to its popularity and impressive demand in the market.

Before selling your OSRS Gold you should do good research about the value several sites are willing to pay you and whether or not they are buying RS3 Gold at the time because of being overstocked.

Various companies have different rules when it comes to trading OSRS Gold. On some sites, you procure an instant payment while others may take time to transact your money after  Many sites prefer to pay a reasonable amount of dollars if you are willing to sell OSRS Gold in bulk.

The quantity of OSRS Gold you are willing to sell should not be insignificant otherwise you won’t make a decent amount of money. You need to determine the favorable buyer for your OSRS  gold before selling it. It is essential to look for reliable trade and safe options and spots for trading OSRS Gold to keep your money and account protected from spam and fraud.

You can also look for reviews of others who have traded before on that particular site. On selecting the appropriate site according to your choice you have to create an account on the site for trading and future usage. You can reach the website through in-game chat, live chat, or video chat like Skype.


When you get in contact with the website employee they will inquire you the quantity of gold you want to sell and will notify you of the price at the rate of per million of OSRS Gold or RS3 Gold. Feel free to inquire questions and clear your concerns regarding the process.

You must ascertain everything about the method, beforehand of the transaction. After that, you’ll be notified of a place in-game where you will exchange your gold for money. Generally, you get the money promptly but sometimes it may take a little more time.

It is preferred if you chose a website that provides you with multiple payment options like Bank transfers (SEPA), BTC, and others. 

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If you are already a player on RuneScape3 or Old School RuneScape then you can attempt reaping some real money selling your supplementary gold. For those who are beginners and have not scoured the game yet then you can try all alternatives mentioned above to accumulate gold and enjoy gaming.

This was everything about OSRS Gold or RS3 Gold. Hope you attained knowledge and enjoyed reading.

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