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17 Interesting Outside Activities For Kids


We, as kids, enjoyed nature. But with time, things have changed. Technology has taken the front seat. Now, most kids are engaged with mobile phones. Working parents hardly get time to spend quality time with kids.

But before technology ruins the wellbeing of a kid, it is important to get your child involved in outdoor activities. It helps in the physical and mental development of a kid. Outside activities for kids help them to explore the world around them. 

As parents, you should take the responsibility to engage your kids in different outdoor games. Playing outside with your kids also brings a change in your mundane lifestyle.

Advantages of Outside Activities for Kids

Outdoor activities improve their motor skills. It improves their eye and hand coordination. It  makes them more confident.

Outdoor activities for kids improve their physical strength. When they play outside, they use their whole body to play the game like running, catching, hunting and walking. It also helps with brain development.

Playing outside games keeps your child healthy and fresh. The fresh air in and around nature helps your kids to breathe fresh air.

Kids who play make new friends outside. They meet with new kids in the park and try to bond.

There are various types of outdoor activities for kids for which you can check the list below and start playing with your kids.

Different Types of Outside Activities For Kids

1. Obstacle Course

It is a fun outdoor activity where you can ask your kid to create obstacles as per their height and feasibility. At the end of the obstacle, you can place a reward. It indulges in the maximum amount of physical activity.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Collect some items from nature like small bark, leaves, and pebbles and, using tape, attach a paper. Then, ask your children to look for them. It is one of the best outdoor activities for kids because kids can use their brains and body simultaneously.

3. Hide and Seek

It is an age-old game, but it is an interesting game. Here, attempt to hide in a nearby place or area. Ask your kid to find you. It is a fun-spirited game that you need to enjoy with your child.

4. Art Projects

You can encourage your kids to take up an art project with Nature as the subject. They can collect pebbles and color them, give them new designs and shapes with colors. It is a great engaging activity for them. They can use branches, leaves, and other items to make human beings or any designs of their choice.

5. Bird Feeder Activity

Buy a bird feeder item from a market and then keep some food for birds to attract them. It connects the child with free birds, and they can understand the personality of the birds. It is one of the best outdoor activities for kids.

6. Hula Hoop

Hula hoop involves a lot of physical activity. Start teaching your child with hula hoop from a tender age. It is a fun activity and keeps the kids busy. It makes them confident, and they know how to balance their body.

7. Playing Ball

It is a fun simple activity that kids love to enjoy. Playing ball in the form of football, basketball, or throw ball helps the kids moving. It keeps them engaged, and it is an overall activity for kids. Enjoy this one as the best outdoor activity for kids.

8. Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is another fun activity where kids have to find hidden things. It keeps them busy for long hours. This outdoor activity is a must for kids to improve their brain thinking. Offer riddles that are interesting and understandable too for kids for them to find the treasure.

9. Camping Kitchen

What is a camping kitchen? Well, it is a pretend and play activity for kids where you can set up a DIY tent on your backyard lawn. Yu can set up a mini real kitchen with real food and kitchen utensils. It is one of the best outdoor activities for kids, especially for toddlers. Kids can learn the fun of camping and organizing things while camping.

10. Water Splashing

There are no kids who do not love water. Hence, arrange water splash activities for kids. It is exciting, and even it keeps kids improve their gross motor skills. Kids can play with water till they are fully satisfied. Hence, let them enjoy messy water play.

11. Birthday Parties

If you have to plan a birthday party for your kids, then choose an outdoor location with all kinds of outdoor activities for kids. They can have fun while playing outdoor activities.

12. Sidewalk Art

Let your kids explore the beauty of art with a sidewalk chalk bucket. Ask them to use stencils or even printed photos to make the art. It helps them to enhance their imagination and creative level.

13. Outdoor Everyday Activity

In our busy lives, it is impossible to spend quality time together, even at home. But, make sure at least you keep 2-3 hours in a day aside for outdoor activities not only for kids but with the entire family. It can be a bonfire, dumb charades, singing competition, playing badminton, or anything that you all love.

It creates great family bonding, and kids will understand the real meaning of a family.

14. Arrange Community Sports Competition

Competition can help kids improve their interest in sports and outdoor activities. Arrange local different sports activities in your community with the help of other parents. Bring all the kids together under the same page and let them compete in different sports activities..

15. Gardening Activity

If you want your kids to be close to nature, then gardening is the best activity. It introduces your kids to different types of plants, flowers. They also take an interest to know about kinds of fertilizers, and they learn about gardening science. Let them be messy with all muds and plants. It helps them to learn everything about gardening closely.It is one of the best outside activities for kids.

16. Jump Rope

You can call it skipping too. It is a fun physical activity where you have to score how many rounds you can compete. It keeps your kids in shape, improves their heartbeat and blood circulation. It is a sports activity with physical involvement in it. It is age-old but one of the best outdoor activities for kids.

17. Lock and Key

It is a game where one kid will chase other kids to make him or her LOCK. The kid will be in a static lock position until someone comes from the same group and touch the head to say KEY. Then, the LOCK kid will be free to run again.



In the age of smartphones, do not let your kids glued to screen time. Though it is also important to let the kids have screen time as parents, we should restrict the screen timing. Encourage your kids to play outside, and it is only you who can start the outdoor activities with kids. Only then will they genuinely feel the importance of outdoor activities.

Always motivate outside activities for kids and be a part of their activities too until they need you in all respects of life. It will shape your kid’s future towards a better human being. Later in life, they can cherish the pleasures of outdoor activities.




















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