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Pagosa Springs Colorado: 5 Best Things To Do There

Pagosa Springs Colorado
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This is your ultimate guide to Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Pagosa Springs Colorado is a beautiful town among the various attractions of the USA. The town is located in Southwest Colorado, surrounded by the rugged beauty of the San Juan Mountains.

The town is popular for its heavenly blissful natural hot springs. However, the town got its name for the sulfur springs, including the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring, aka the Mother Spring. 

In Pagosa Springs Colorado, you will have ample chances to relax and feed your enthusiastic soul with recreational activities and natural beauty because this place is one of the world’s undiscovered gems.

The relaxed atmosphere, small-town vibes, friendly people are what attract people to this springs town. During the summertime, the town runs in full swing with outdoor activities. So, summer is preferably the best time to visit.

However, there’s a great deal in the winters because of the snow skiing season.

Photograph by: Jaffrey Danneels/Flickr Copyright 2021

What Makes Pagosa Springs Colorado So Great?

Pagosa Springs is covered in endless blue skies, rocky mountains and surrounded by about 2.5 million acres of national forest areas and wilderness. The town is home to waterfall hikes, miles & miles of trails, and activities such as hot-air ballooning, world-class fishing, rafting.

And sitting amidst the vast stretch of the San Juan National Forest, which is like the center of attractions, of course, makes the town so great.

Things To Do In Pagosa Springs Colorado

Let us check out some of the best things you can do while you visit this amazing town. And be certain that no matter what, or where you are in the town you will not be bored.

Without any further ado, let us check out this article.

1. Chimney Rock National Monument

Chimney Rock National Monument is an archaeological site in southwestern Colorado. The site comprises 4,726-acres of land.

Photographer: Scrubhiker/Flickr @Some Rights Reserved

The site gives the visitors a beautiful glimpse of the town’s past. Visitors can explore the history of the Ancestral Puebloans.

The site has limited access and can be done only via tours that run from 15 May to 15 October. These tours begin at the visitor cabin. Visitors can drive up to the high mesa, or there are also walking tours available.

The complete site can be explored through self-guided tours. Self-guided tours charge 12$ for adults and 6$ for children.

The area now is home to 200 preserved homes and ceremonial buildings, which can be explored easily via the pathways.

2. Relax in the Hot Springs

Pagosa Springs Colorado is known for its hot springs, so there’s no way one should miss spending a relaxing time in one of the hot springs.

Photographer: Lindell Dillon/Flickr Copyright 2014

There are 3 spring resorts, of which The Springs Resort and Spa is the most famous as it offers visitors several hot spring pools with soothing and healing effects, breathtaking views of the mountains and river.

There are 23 hot spring pools, each at varying heights along the river San Juan. This resort is a place for healing, connecting, and belonging.

Visitors can just come in for the day, enjoy their time at the spa and restore their energy. Even better, they can go for a full stay at the resort after experiencing the therapeutic waters.

They offer you the perfect chance at a day of blissful wellness.

3. Wolf Creek Ski Resort

Nestled between Pagosa Springs Colorado and South Fork, Wolf Creek Ski Area is known to receive the highest snow in Colorado, with an annual snowfall of 430 inches.

Specifically, the location of the resort is near the summit of Wolf Creek Pass.

Photograph by: Hannu & Hannele/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

The area has about 1600 acres of skiable terrain. The majority of the terrain, about 35% of the slopes, is for intermediate skiers and snowboarders. And the rest of the terrain is suitable for all levels.

Although the facilities and other such things at Wolf Creek, compared to the amazing Colorado Ski Resort, are basic, the quantity and quality of snowfall here are the highlights.

The area also offers some great tree runs. Besides that, it has a laid-back atmosphere and is incredibly affordable.

4. Explore the San Juan River- Pagosa Springs Colorado

Experiencing various activities in the San Juan River is one of the most family-friendly and fun-filled activities.

Photograph by: Patrick Alan Swigart/Flickr @All Rights  Reserved

The river flows from downtown Pagosa Springs Colorado and is has so much to offer to its visitors, from scenic views to thrilling activities.

Visitors can stroll along the San Juan River Walk or go kayaking, rafting, paddleboarding. San Juan River is full of adventure, no matter what you choose.

The Riverwalk is one of the most enjoyed, as it offers the best chance at enjoying the tranquility of the scenic place. It is a 1.9-mile trail that also has a bridge along the way crossing over the river.

5. Treasure Falls, Pagosa Springs Colorado

Located in the San Juan National Park Forest, the Treasure Falls is a beautiful waterfall east of Pagosa Springs Colorado, connecting to the San Juan River.

Photograph by: Davedude/Flickr @Some Rights Reserved.

The waterfall was named after the mighty Treasure Mountain, which as history says, holds buried gold. The Treasure Falls tumbles 105 feet straight into the Falls Creek.

The waterfall can be easily seen from the parking lot; however, those who want a closer view can walk up to the base. The trail is about a quarter of a mile long, so visitors can easily walk up to there.

Photographer: Michael Chaffin/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

The list of things to do or attractions to visit in Pagosa Springs Colorado does not just end with what we have listed.

There are more fun-filled activities than you can even think of. There are state parks to visit, world-class breweries, museums, amazing hike trails (Piedra road trails), and so on.

Speaking of hiking, you might like to check this article on Colorado Hiking Trails for your next trip.

People who come to Pagosa Springs can enjoy out-of-the-box activities like hot air balloon rides and horseback rides. But, unfortunately, you don’t get to do such activities everywhere.

Pagosa Springs is among Colorado’s most amazing and picturesque mountain towns, so you will for sure spot beauty at every corner of the town. Even a road trip down the area will get you all excited.

So visit Pagosa Springs soon, and let this be your experience for a lifetime.

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