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Planning A Wedding This Summer? Here Are Some Ideas To Help Everything Go Smoothly

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After what has been an excruciatingly long last twelve months, it is finally starting to feel like we all have some reasons to feel cheerful. The summer is on the way, the vaccine roll-out is moving ahead at full speed, and all the things that we put on hold during the first year of the pandemic are starting to look a little more possible than they did back then. 

For anyone who had to cancel and/or postpone their wedding plans last year, we all have all our fingers and toes crossed that things will be different in 2021. There is so much care, love and planning that goes into putting a wedding together that hitting the pause button isn’t just a logistical nightmare, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. 

However, with the restrictions lifting and brighter days ahead, we can all start thinking about how we’re going to make that big day happen this year, even if it doesn’t quite look like you had thought it might. After all, if we have learned one thing over the course of the pandemic, it’s that plans need to be flexible and we need to be ready to roll with the punches. If you are determined to tie the knot this summer, here are a few ways you can make sure that you can get hitched without a hitch.

Be Ready For Anything

As we mentioned, anyone who had planned a wedding for 2020 will know just how important it is to be ready for anything that’s coming your way. Whether it’s new lockdown restrictions, someone on the guest-list suddenly needing to self-isolate, or one of the companies you’ve hired (or even the venue) facing forced closure for whatever reason, there are so many different things that the world can throw at wedding planners right now, so you’re going to need to stay nimble and stay on your toes. 

If you want to try and minimise the potential impact of any of the above, try to make sure you are looking at refundable deposits, make sure that you have back-up options for as many things as possible, and don’t forget to keep in touch with everyone on your guest list. Which brings us to…

Remember That Some People Won’t Be Able To Make It

When we’re in high pressure situations such as planning a wedding, it can be easy to find ourselves getting that tunnel vision. If something or someone throws a spanner in the works, no matter how small, well it can be a little too easy to take that personally, can’t it? 

If you want to stay happy and sane while you’re counting down the days until your big day, it’s going to be important to take some deep breaths and remember that no one who cancels on you is doing it for the sheer joy of it. Everyone is going through their own individual pandemic nightmare and sometimes things are going to fall through. And hey, if someone cancels that’s a free spot opening up on the guest list, right?

Think Of Alternatives To The Big Group Events

We all know that a wedding isn’t just about the wedding. There’s the planning, the group get togethers beforehand and, of course, the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Now, in a pre-COVID-19 world, planning the latter two functions would have been almost as big a deal as the wedding itself (well, for the best man and head bridesmaid at least), but now these things may take a little bit more planning and may even need to be postponed until after the event. If you want to bring your best buddies together for a celebration but want to make sure you’re abiding by Coronavirus protocols, then you may need to look to some creative virtual options. 

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Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Now, this point ties into what we were saying earlier about being flexible, but over the past year we have seen a lot of people manage to go ahead with their weddings by pouncing on available dates and locations. Of course, if you’ve got your heart set on something big and extravagant, it’s going to get exponentially more difficult. 

However, if you know exactly who you want to invite and it’s the getting married part that’s most important, then you are at an advantage. The restrictions may tighten, the numbers may be reduced, and the indoor space access might be limited, but if you can keep things small enough to stay nimble then there will be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Don’t Be Afraid To Keep The Party Going

Now, traditionally a wedding is pretty much the be-all-and-end-all, isn’t it? There’s so much build-up, so much planning, and then the big day comes and then it’s over (barring the honeymoon, of course). Well, with everything the way it’s been over the last twelve months, it feels like anyone getting married has a bit more license to keep the good times rolling, doesn’t it? 

After all, we have all been missing our friends and loved ones so much over the last year that when things do go back to normal, we will all be making sure to celebrate with absolutely anyone. So, if you found that your wedding ended up being smaller than you expected, or you weren’t able to invite as many people as you had originally planned, then it is definitely time to make up for that with as many celebrations over the next few months as you can handle once restrictions lift!

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