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Playing Nintendo Games in Your Phone

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Retrogaming is making a rapid comeback, and for good reason. Many players realize that despite their commercial success, lots of modern gamers fail to meet their expectations. Some gamers are too expensive to afford to play them, while others prove to be trite and insipid. As for old-school games, they never lose their originality and authentic spirit. It’s is an inexplicable fact, but somehow we never get bored playing such classic titles as Mario, Zelda, or Pokémon.

nintendo games

Nostalgia makes gamers scour eBay in search of vintage consoles to play their favorite Nintendo games. They don’t know it’s not necessary to get a physical console to start retrogaming. Presently, anyone can reunite with their favorite Nintendo characters. All you need is an emulator and a couple of nice Nintendo games. There’s also more good news for the connoisseurs of retro games: modern technologies made it possible for you to run Nintendo titles on your phone. Intrigued? Go on reading our article to learn more.  

nintendo games

Downloading Emulator

Ready to immerse yourself into the world of old-school gaming? Then grab your phone and open the browser you usually use.

The following step you need to take is looking for a program that acts as a substitution of the old Nintendo console. There are such tools as emulators. They are programs that emulate the operation of vintage consoles on a personal computer or any other device. It means that upon installing such a program on your phone, you’ll be able to run your favorite Nintendo titles on it.

So, start searching the web for a nice website offering emulators. We recommend that you don’t waste your precious time and head straight to This online resource offers you the best emulation tools and Nintendo ROMs. So, if you need a cool emulator to play Nintendo games on your phone, don’t hesitate to visit   

From website’s homepage, access the “Emulators” section. In the menu, choose “For Android” option, if you want to install an emulator on an Android device. If you use Mac, select “For Mac,” instead.

After that, you’ll need to choose the system you want to emulate. In our case it’s Nintendo. You’ll see lots of Nintendo emulators available for download. Choose the one you think will best work on your phone. Don’t forget to tap on it to get to the Google Store page.

From Google Store, select the “Install” option. Then wait for the installation process to complete.

When the emulator finishes installing, tap the “Open” option, which should appear shortly afterwards.

At this point, the emulator should start looking for available Nintendo games (ROMs), which you don’t have. So, it’s high time you availed yourself of your favorite ROMs to finally start playing them on your phone.  

Getting Nintendo Games

Now when you have the emulator downloaded and installed, you can open your browser again and go look for your favorite retro games. Once again we recommend that you visit that offers all popular Nintendo games you used to play back in the day.

Normally, there is a Search bar on the websites offering emulators and ROMs (there surely is on To find your favorite Nintendo game, type its name o into the search box and choose “OK.”

You’ll see a list of popular or the most downloaded Nintendo games (depend on the filter you decide to apply). Find the ROM file of the game you want to play and tap on its name to start download. All the games you download will be automatically saved in your Downloads folder of your phone’s internal memory.  

Playing Retro Games

All that remains is to access your App Drawer and locate the emulation program you have downloaded. Tap on the emulator’s icon and wait for it to load.

As you remember, your emulator starts looking for the available ROMs (which you already got) automatically.

Tap on the game you want to load at this moment.

Congratulations! Now you can play NES games on your phone!

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