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Poconos Water Park- The Best Family Vacation 2021

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Poconos Water Park- The thrill is in your hands!!!! Grab it.

Beach season is the best season where you can swim, splash, play and stay any time of year. So, if you are in the mood for that no need to head for a tropical climate— The Poconos indoor waterpark, along with camelback resort and others, provides warm-weather experiences any time of the year!

The Poconos water park boasts authentic African décor and an oasis of an indoor waterpark. This huge happiness is open for the whole year, so join the thrilling waterpark resorts roller coaster with Great Wolf Lodge and Split Rock Resort.

The Poconos Mountains are waiting for you to discover its gem, the Poconos water park. So, make your reservations today.

There aren’t just the rides and slides, but more time for family with great shopping, dining, and entertainment options under one roof!

The list of on-site amenities can go long because it has almost everything you need. From fun-filled water activities to family-style suites, Poconos water park is there to serve you the best.

There’s nothing like a Pocono Mountains indoor waterpark vacation for the kids and the kids at heart.

Poconos Water Park, Aquatopia: The Large Indoor Water Park

Aquatopia is a large indoor water park with indoor rides and slides on one transparent roof. With approximately 13 water slides along with tube slides, bowl slides, mat slides, capsule slides, and 7 pools, Aquatopia is your dream destination.

Also, upon entering the water park, you can grab a stack of towels that are available there themselves. It’s nice not to have to deal with wet and dirty towels in your luggage as the resort already provides them.

Upon entering the water park, the two major attractions you’ll see are-

1) Flow rider (indoor simulated surfing) and

2) a large wave pool, life jackets are a must and provided for those under 48″.

The major slides are located on floor one plus in the lazy river winds through the section below the slides. In my opinion, the Poconos water park -Aquatopia- has the best themed lazy river in the Poconos mountains.

Poconos Water Park: Aquatopia Slides

If your children are old enough (and tall enough) to go for Aquatopia’s large slides on their own, you will surely enjoy the setup of the slides.

The loungers are available near the slide section, from where you can watch your child ascend the stairs and see which slide they go to.

There are a wide variety of slides, which keep the adults and kids go on and on.  Some of the more conventional tube slides are supposed to have the shortest lines.

The water coaster probably gets the longest line, and the Venus Slydetrap line looks to be the longest and thus makes a great family time all together.

The Aquatopia water park is home to the longest indoor, uphill water coaster in the Poconos mountains and the country.

The mat slides have some cool light features in them. Every slide goes fast. Some water rides, like the Storm Chaser, require riders to be or equal approximately 100 lbs. Riders must be at least 42″ tall to ride, and at least one rider must be 48″.

Three to six riders are needed for these water slides, and riders must be over 42″ tall. This may mean your child needs an adult (preferably a tell one) to ride with them.

Poconos Water Park, Camel Mountain Water Park: The Outdoor Water Park

Camel Mountain Water Park
By: Gary Burke/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

Camelbeach mountain waterpark is an outdoor water park where you can ride and slide and spent great family time.

You can find it all here, from adrenaline rushed water slides to relaxed swimming pool areas— at the largest outdoor water park in PA!

Homing over 37 rides, slides, and attractions, dousing buckets, spraying water, hundreds of palm trees, cobblestone walkways, water rides, and beach sand, this water park instantly transports you to an oasis, where kids, as well as adults, can enjoy too.

For someone who likes to slide and ride in the open and enjoy the mountainside setting of the Pocono mountains at the biggest outdoor waterpark in PA, the camel beach mountain waterpark of the Pocono mountains calls you.

Before you know it, you’ll be splashing & sliding along the mountain shores. Reserve your whole family time in the sun now and make this summer a hit! The tickets for Camelbeach mountain waterpark must be purchased online.

Poconos Water Park: Rides and Slides-

Rides and Slides
By: Jessica Donellan/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker looking for the wildest water park or just looking to swim back in a river, they have got something for you — at least anyone who likes to have fun. So don’t hesitate to explore the slides and rides.

Poconos Water Park, Food and Beverages-

None of us are only all action and adventure as much as the kids might think so. Therefore, you can also check out all the dining options from Graffiti Pizza to Borrelli’s. There’s something for every craving.

Tips for Visiting Aquatopia and Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark

Camelbeach water park
By: Gary Burke/Flickr @All Rights Reserved
  •  Note your child’s barefoot height. They may not hit that height barefoot, even if they are 42″ in a regular amusement park with shoes.
  •  The water coast requires a double tube. Even if alone, you must be over 100 lbs to ride alone.
  • If it’s a sunny day during the summer, bring sun protection. Remember, the ceiling is glass, so make sure to get your skin protected. There are signs posted around the park reminding guests that getting sun exposure while indoors is possible.
  • There are two drop slides at Aquatopia for those seeking a thrill. One slide has a straight-down drop. The other slide has a few ups and downs, which gives you butterflies.

Other amenities in the water park include an indoor/outdoor hot tub, a large play and slide structure, a swim-up bar, and a lazy river.

There are three slides at the top of the play structure. For the slides, there’s a particular height requirement, that is, all riders have to be about  48″ tall.

Well, for the body slides riders can be about 40″ tall, and when it comes to the bowl slides, riders got to be about 48″ tall.

Poconos Water Park, Great Wolf Lodge – Scotrun, PA

Great Wolfe Lodge
By: Charlie Anzman/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor water park resort located in the Poconos mountains with many amenities. This location in Scotrun is settled in the Pocono Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania (PA).

The Pocono Mountains is not only home to some beautiful hiking trails and waterfalls but also, this resort has enough activities and attractions to keep kids busy during the visit. Some time can also be spent in Fort Mackenzie.

This is the water fort treehouse with water slides from its upper decks, palm trees, and play elements and falls of water throughout the area. There’s also a large bucket at the top that dumps a ton of water on people standing underneath it.

Poconos Water Park, Salient Features-

After arriving at the water park and getting a seat, you can also decide to sit near the large toddler area section, since most of the time can be spent there and your kids would love it. There are two toddler areas.

One has a mini lazy river, several different kinds of small water slides, baby swings, and lots of other watery features which serve as a true thrill for kids.

The area is very spacious and has water depths that are great for both kids and adults. you can spend a good family time out there on the small slides and the water coaster.

The children would love roller coasters. Also, adding a water element might be a great thrill for you.

As they have a system that does it for you, there’s no need to carry your tube to the top. There are also several other big slides, including a mat racer.

Even the water coaster has a great photo opportunity from the deck where you can see the riders for a mili second before they disappear into the tube.

There is also a large play structure with larger slides.  Kalahari has a Flow Rider as well, and you all would love it. The lifeguards are also great at giving some support to stay on longer.

Poconos Water Park, Split Rock Resort

Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony is a great family vacation destination in Pennsylvania with nearly 54,000 square feet of water play opportunities.

This indoor waterpark is perfect for fun in the water with its five body, tube, and raft slides; wave pool; and the state’s first indoor flow rider, the Komodo Dragon. For the fun-seeking guest, the Lava Springs hot tubs are your call.

Tips for Visiting Kalahari Resort

Here are a few tips which might help you experience the best at Kalahari Resorts-

  • Take advantage of accessing the water park on your check-in day, even if you haven’t got your room yet.
  • If the weather is nice, there’s also a garden for playing outside.
  • Be sure to check the activities scheduled each day for some added fun.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now and dive into the thrilling adventures of the Pocono mountains. This might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it will be worth it.

If you want to get the best of Poconos water park, you better get a day pass in advance. This pass gives you access to the indoor water park and the outdoor water park.

And if you are planning to visit soon, remember all visitors 5 years and above are required to wear face coverings.

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