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Poem: Even Moon Needs Darkness To Shine


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Moon Shine

From light to dark
long distance had she travelled

Darkness engulfed her
darkness devoured her

It became her new home
it became her new doom

There was chaos
there was peace
but imbalanced

Suffocated and dreary
tried to take an escape ferry
Reached in the open
under the great darkness
of the cloudy sky

Darkness all around
not a trickle of light
Darkness in her mind
darkness outside her
she thought it was all that was there

Then came a trickle
trickle of light escaping from the clouds
falling on her
the moonshine

She raised her head
and her salt soaked eyes saw light
through the darkness
piercing right through her
and the darkness inside her was going

Alas she had found her light
the lost light
it taught her wonderful things

Even light needs dark to be existent
the moon shone because of the darkness

Everyday she talked away
all her grief, fury and sorrow
and each day the moon promised to return to
hear all her stories
without judgment
without impatience

Then those dreary days
with the ritual of time
the moon had to disappear
the no moon nights

Yet she had grown strong
lovingly addressing him
as Mr. Moon
she continued with her chatter
although he wasn’t there

They said friends are like stars
you might not always see them
but you know they are always there

Mr Moon was her friend
and she knew he was there
no moon day or through wind and storm
he never left her side
and she knew
She was guaranteed an eternity

Nothing could separate them
but the end of the world
and she knew she had found a friend for life
a companion who would never leave her

With him she never needed anyone
he fulfilled all her needs
for all she needed was someone to hear her

Days went on months rushed and years hurried
still they are the best of friends
wanting nothing but
Someone to hear
And someone to speak

She always wondered how the world missed
Out sighting such a friend
but she was glad
She was not one of them

She had some strange coldness in her
and she saw the moon shared the same

with the light her darkness began to suffocate
And the coldness began to disseminate

She came back to her world
where family and friends left a void
slowly it was filling
things were improving

She found little stars on earth
and to her utter surprise
the incarnation of the moon on earth

He was much closer to her now
closer to her eyes
closer to her heart
closer to her touch

Days went on months rushed and years hurried
the incarnation and she just grew closer

But the coldness of the moon is ever-existent
on the earth or the sky
mattered it didn’t

Every now and then
she went back to him
moon of the sky
when coldness returned
when grief returned
and in good times for him to know
she was doing fine

In the end, the girl who loved the moon
Was lucky enough to find its incarnation
Right on earth



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