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Poetry: Festivity


We have all, at some point, spent beyond our means in a vain attempt to impress strangers (or what we call the ‘society’); who at the end of the day don’t care very much anyway. It is futile to compromise one’s own happiness to ensure the imagined happiness of others.

The festive season has begun.

Time for fireworks, feasts, and fun;

Relatives and friends come calling home,

Lights and colors, the walls adorn.

Florid wallpapers, the widening cracks disguise,

Super-glue mends the leaking pipes.

Prismatic lamps illumine dreary halls,

Ornate dresses and cashmere shawls;

And if the ripped petticoat within, be seen,

‘The delicate fabric caught the jeweled pin.’

Silver ornaments painted gold,

I bought it last month when the bed was sold.

Treats and sweets, the dinner table overwhelm,

Enticing flavors inhaled with every breath;

Delicacies compete to catch the eye,

Where nothing had been but bread and rye.

Euphoric laughter heralds despairing cries,

Festive splendor, broken homes disguise.



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