Monday, January 17, 2022

Poetry- Waiting For The Rust.

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When things are so firmly welded together that they cannot be parted, one must wait for the rust to eat away the chains.

Man screaming
By pyzata/ Shutterstock

Our voices are rust
They grind upon each other
Never permeating, never getting through.
Our faces are rust
When did you last see me?

You keep screaming
It’s just rust screeching on the metal door
I keep trying to understand
‘This isn’t working anymore.’
This time I may agree.

But tomorrow, the rust will fade.
Or maybe in the dream, it just seems true
I want to fall for you again
Even though I know you’re metal
And my mind won’t let you in.

There’s rust on the door that I opened for you
I cannot close it anymore.
‘Walk away.’
I tried, but tell me.
How far did you reach?

You dream of me too
All softness and whispered promises.
And in the morning,
I can see you pretending to be asleep
You don’t want to wake up and hear me screaming.
Neither do I.

How far could you walk away?
You made a mistake
When you bound me in chains,
Your hands are bound too now.
The corrosion will break the chain one day.
So we wait for the rust.

Rusty chains
By pyzata/ Shutterstock

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