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Top 10 Popular Art Blogs

popular art blogs
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This is a detailed and well-curated list of top 10 Popular Art Blogs.

Art is a divine energy that some humans are capable of capitalizing on. This is not the form of energy that kills people, sucks the life out of someone, or is a curse.

In fact, art is a boon given to mankind. Art has since times memorable been a form of expression. It visualizes the plight of people, the glory of mankind and civilization, the beauty of nature, and the cosmos, the journey of a thousand years.

In this post, we will see through the most popular art blogs on the web right now and all the points that highlight them, which will prove to be an asset for you. This post is not just limited to artists but extends its support to Graphic Designers, Photographers, Architects, Sculptors, Craftspeople, and more.

Popular Art Blogs:


    That’s 7 “O’s” in the name of one of the most popular art blogs on the web. The art blog is one that contributes and helps the artist community. Independent artists and groups can feature their work on the website.

    The vast portfolio on the blog ranges from illustrations, original canvas works comprised of acrylic and oil painted brilliant art forms, photography, music mixtapes, All of the artwork is well defined with attributes like material used (Paint, pencil, pen), size and texture of the paper or material, quality and source of the print.

    The social media or portfolio handles of the artists are linked to their work, giving further exposure, and opening up opportunities for the artist. There is the BOOOOOOOM shop section where the featured artwork, photography, designs, and even art books, for sale, are featured with a suitable price in USD.

    The blog also sells printed apparel like t-shirts and caps in various sizes. International shipping is available, and payment can be made through PayPal, Apple Pay, and Credit/Debit Card.

    Image is taken from Flickr

  2. Juxtapoz:

    Another one of the very popular art blogs, this is a prominent example of a virtual art gallery. The vast portfolio and sections present on Juxtapoz is no less than an art world. It includes contemporary art, street art, graphic design/illustrations, sculptures, textile art, art books.

    The focus of the blog is on featuring the works of the budding artists, and the work is topped with a well-versed description. The artwork, photography, illustrations are featured in the quarterly magazine issues of Juxtapoz. The name of the magazine itself is “Juxtapoz” and can be accessed quarterly on a subscription basis, and is also available on an annual subscription basis.

    The magazine is well respected and referred to in the art community. Apart from this, there is a shopping section, in which apparel like T-shirts, Hoodies, Tanks, caps are sold. All sizes and worldwide shipping is available.

    Pricing of the goods is in USD, and payment can be made through credit/debit cards and PayPal. The shipping duration and customs cost may vary in international orders.

    Image is taken from digitalartwork.org

  3. Canva:

    One of the very widely used and popular art blogs, Canva is perhaps widely known as the highly used Canva App for photo-editing. The blog is used by multiple communities like artists, business makers, branding agencies, digital marketers, illustrators, influencers, etc.

    It has some specialized and unique features, where thousands of templates, logos, photos, designs, Instagram templates are available for use. You can create your own customized design and upload it to the website.

    Access to the contents of the blog is available in three distinct forms, a free subscription, a pro subscription, and an enterprise subscription for larger teams. Canva has a dedicated team that provides tips, insights, and professional value to your brand. Service is available to everyone on and off the subscription.

    There is also a free facility to make customized business cards and resume. A special section consists of tutorials and courses on designing, social media branding, business growth. Canva provides back to its community by giving away free Canva Pro sub to registered Non-Profit organizations.

    Image is taken from afremov.com

  4. Hi-Fructose:

    If you love admiring and studying artworks and paintworks from the range of glass painting, canvas art, watercolor art, acrylic, and oil paints, Hi-Fructose is the blog for you. One of the most popular art blogs on the web right now, it is not just limited to paintings and drawings but also includes graphic designs of all types.

    The artworks are of very high quality and available for sale at suitable prices. The artwork is featured with a detailed description of the artist, the style of their drawing, and the background or story behind it.

    Apart from that, the homepage of the blog is decorated with very attractive art that is directly linked to the Instagram accounts of the artists. It features surreal, dystopian, psychedelic, new-gen, and contemporary art.

    Hi-Fructose is primarily is a magazine which is issued quarterly and is available for a basic subscription price. The blog also consists of a shopping wing, where prints of the artworks, painting, drawing, apparel like T-shirts, hoodies, and hats are sold.

    The transaction amount is given in USD, with worldwide shipping available. The magazine cum blog also provides advertising services, and the pricing is based on the type of feature you want.

    Image is taken from Flickr

  5. Colossal:

    This is one of the brilliant popular art blogs which are highly dedicated to various sections and forms that fall in the WIDE spectrum of art. The best part of the blog is the design of the website, which is very easy to use and navigate for beginners who are exploring art blogs for the first time.

    The home page features the artwork of a featured artist, under a specific category, and below that are more artworks of that artist related to the original art, with a beautiful description. The same suit follows, with every different category.

    The art blog Colossal widely features and is devoted to Crafts, Illustrations, Animation, Sculpture, Photography of all types, Murals, and so much more! There is an art history section which features the brilliant history of how art thrived and evolved from times immemorial.

    An interview section is present, which features interviews conducted of famous artists and their views of modern art and opportunities in the future, with motivating messages.

    Membership to the blog of Colossal will give you members-only opportunities like event discounts, newsletters, Ad-free experience, A Colossal Grant (Stay tuned to the blog for more info).

    Image is taken from mymodernmet.com

  6. Hyperallergic:

    This blog originated way back in 2009 and since then has been one of the very popular art blogs among passionate creationists. A unique part of the blog is that it doesn’t just feature art, but also features poetry, literature, essays, music, comics, Performance art.

    The art blog attributes articles that are dedicated to reviewing art, poems, plays, music, essays. Articles also analyze the plight of minorities, ethnic groups that have suffered racism, women’s issues, LGBT rights, through art that occurs in various forms and designs.

    There are thousands of articles and features present for every category, which will give the reader a plethora of options to access, open their viewpoint to more knowledge and perspectives.

    The blog Hyperallergic also presents to its unique visitors a huge collection of podcasts that include careful analysis by experts on modern art form and issues that it highlights. A very sophisticated blog, Hyperallergic is no less than a journalism blog for an artist.

    Apart from this, the blog has a shopping section where you can buy art prints, pins, clothing apparel like t-shirts, socks, also poetry books, accessories for home decor, office supplies, and action figures for kids.

    Image is taken from Pinterest

  7. Artists Network:

    If you are a beginner in the world of art or are looking for tips and techniques to enhance your existing skills, then this blog is for you. Artists Network is one of the most accessed popular art blogs on the web. Its tutorials range from the beginner level to the advanced level. On the basis of a paid subscription, over 700+ videos of the time duration of 1000+ hours are available on just a click.

    The blog is governed by and consists of professionals who architect tutorials dealing with various media like pencil colors, crayons or pastels, oil, water and acrylic paints. The blog also features historical, modern, and different styles of art, which is explained in blog articles in beautiful words easy for anyone to understand.

    Not just limited to this, the blog conducts events and competitions for their readers and members, providing opportunities for exposure and practical application. Apart from all the features of the blog, Artists Network publishes magazines.

    Their range of magazines includes Artists Magazine, Pastel Journal, Watercolor Artist Mag, SouthWest Art. The range is availed on a subscription basis, which is very cheap as compared to its peers, and the magazine is available in both printed and digital form.

    Image is taken from Wikipedia

  8. Empty Easel:

    If you are a budding artist or pursue art as a hobby, but want to take it a step further by gaining monetary profits through your skills, then this blog is the perfect destination for you to be. One of the popular art blogs, which specifically majors in providing business tips for artists.

    The advice is aimed at, but not limited to, selling art online, selling at art fairs, marketing tips, Email marketing, advertisement online, best SEO practices for artists.

    The blog also features multiple articles and video tutorials for bettering your existing skills and learning new skills in the world of art. The tutorials are aimed at photography tips, photoshop tips, use of pencil/pen in drawing, color guide tips.

    If you are an expert in these fields, you can even curate your own guidelines/articles and submit them to the blog. If your post is selected, they will credit you and link it to your blog/website. You can also post your original artwork to the blog, and you’ll get credits for the same.

    There is a special panel for featured artists, in which artists with their original creations like acrylic painting, drawing, illustration are featured. There are a plethora of more options to explore, like art polls, competitions, events, analysis of art.

    Image is taken from stpetemuraltour.com

  9. The Artwork Archive:

    More of a business/marketing oriented and planning oriented blog, this is one of the popular art blogs among artist communities who want to sell their art, create or run a business, make a living or just do it as a side gig.

    The blog provides consultancy service by giving tips and tricks on how to manage your art collection. It also provides tips on inventory management of your artwork.

    In the marketing domain, the blog assists in how to create essential contacts with vendors, buyers, and galleries, tips on pricing, negotiation, management of the portfolio, branding.

    The blog is itself a service-based hub, operating on a monthly subscription basis. Three different plans are depending on the level of the artist, their planning, and desire to conduct the business and budget. On subscription, services can be availed, and assistance is on the go.

    They also provide advice on how to apply for grants and taxes. Also are available in abundance, articles, ebooks & publications that provide guidelines ranging from techniques to citations.

    Image is taken from byronsmuse.wordpress.com

  10. Design You Trust:

    This is a blog that is particularly more dedicated to photography, architecture, designs, tech innovations. But it also features a good amount of articles and posts on artwork like painting, drawing, illustrations.

    The Design You Trust blog is a brand, synonymous with expression of the mind and analysis of featured work. It is one of the very popular art blogs, and under its sub-sections, you will find a collection of highly curated and skilled photography ranging from all periods. Of course, since the first camera appeared.

    Each photograph and painting is credited, and the chronicles on it are really commendable and words of superior choice. When you browse through the blog, do not forget to visit the inspiration sub-section.

    It includes artworks that detail the essential and unforgettable parts of history, the artist or photographer responsible behind it are credited, and you can visit their blog for more inspiration.

    Image is taken from artsynature.com

Art is to humans what sixth sense is for wild animals. It really is a boon.

How many blogs in this list of popular art blogs do you find suitable for yourself? How many blogs are you a member of? If not, are you planning to be, after reading this article? Do let us know of any other major art blog that is an asset to the art world in the comments below.

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