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Power Plant: Blinds You: Scary In Michigan

Power Plant

Ever heard of a plant that can cause blindness? You might want to pack your roundup in case you travel through the west Michigan wilderness. Power Plant much?

The Calhoun County Public Health Department has found a dangerous type of hogweed plant that can potentially blind people. The plant was first discovered in the Pennfield Township and has been removed. The site will be continually monitored in the coming days to ensure any such plants are removed before they cause harm to the people residing there.

Giant Hogweed-Power Plant 


The giant hogweed can prove to be a serious health hazard that is potentially more dangerous than poison ivy or oak-based poison considering the amount of harm it can cause to humans. The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Management has conducted research on the plant and the source of the plant is yet to be identified as the hogweed is not native to the area. The giant hogweed has been added to the federal noxious weed list, making it completely illegal for sale or transport through the State lines.

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