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Make Your Pre-Wedding Shoot Shine With These Absolutely Amazing 25 Pre-Wedding Theme Ideas


Wedding is the most enticing day in the life of a couple, a dream they weave ever since they meet their significant other, or as Phoebe Buffay from the popular sitcom – Friends puts it “their lobster.”

Among many functions that surround the wedding is a pre-wedding shoot, something that has turned into a trend in the more contemporary times. It gained popularity as it is a beautiful way to spend some quality time with your better half, celebrating the presence of each other and securing the sublime memories in the form of pictures. So here we are with several Pre-wedding theme ideas that will ultimately make your wedding memories exceptionally worth remembering.

There’s something for everyone!

1. Role. Camera. Click

We have all grown up watching the Bollywood romance flicks, pictured ourselves in the brewing love drama. From Raj and Simran in DDLJ to Vaidehi and Badri from Badrinath Ki Dulhania, we’ve craved for a Bollywood moment with our special someone. Well, here is your chance to live your Bollywood fantasy with a partner for life to be. Plan a kiss under the Umbrella or the Dupatta stuck in the watch. Let the actor in you shine in the camera.

2. Love like the 80s

If you are impressed by the idea of Bollywood, you might as well consider traveling a few decades back in time and get clicked with your partner in retro style. There is nothing better than the love in the 80s, where the meetings were everlasting, and the only text you could leave was a quick 143 over a telephone. The idea of pulling that bold eyeliner with fancy headbands and those high waists, bell-bottom trousers is a fun adventure in itself.

3. Gothic Goals 

We understand that not everyone is about the lights, colors, and everything shiny, some of you admire the serene, subtle nature of the dark, and we appreciate your choice of questioning the conventional. What better way to capture your day of togetherness than the taste of Gothic ambiance with your prince of darkness! So, change the mood a little around, show the world the beautiful part that goes unnoticed, light some candles, paint your nails black, might as well get a bit sensual, if that is something you’re comfortable with.

4. Hold your Breath and Dive In

One of the most rapidly growing pre-wedding theme ideas is a shoot underwater. Turn the world around for a day and trust your partner by diving in the pool for some beautiful pictures by your photographer. It might be a little tricky, but you might not get this chance again. Let that dress beautifully float with the water, building the aesthetics to rock your Instagram. Hold on to your partner; it might as well strengthen the trust between the two of you.

5. Keep it Real

A gorgeous dress, a background so divine and poses so appealing to the eyes, and all fail in front of magical chemistry. You don’t need fancy decorations to build some beautiful memories with your future spouse. If you have understanding, and love as transparent as the innocence of a child, you can choose the comfort of your home, his stolen sweatshirt, loving each other for the person they are and their importance in your life with any extra efforts.This is the most beautiful of all the pre-wedding theme ideas.

6. Your True Furry Love 

Did you two connect over love for dogs and introduced each other to their furry family member? Then there is no chance you can ignore that cute soul who unknowingly united you two. Take a shoot with your dog, or a cat, if you own one. Let them photo-bomb your pictures, make you laugh with their funny faces, and being equally affectionate to your partner. After all, there is no love purer than the love of your pet.

7. Change the Climate

Are you planning your pre-wedding shoot during a specific season? Then experiment with it. A picture in the rain, and you lost in your partner’s eyes or a beautiful photo, sharing a jacket in the snow is a dream come true. If you’re comfortable with the change in climate and love exploring things, then you should give it a try.

8. Heritage Hues

One of the most iconic and evergreen themes are the ones set in the Heart of Heritage. This idea can never go out of fashion. The beauty that surmounts these elegant monuments are so surreal that it brainstorms you with poses highlighting the vintage aura that adds an edge to your pictures.

9. Hobby-licious

Do you have a common hobby? Or an activity you enjoy in each other’s company? Then you should definitely choose this among other pre-wedding theme ideas. Is it cooking, or simply your love for exploring fancy food? Or is it dancing, a sport, or you both just like breaking a sweat at the gym for hours? Either way, it is a great idea to play with your hobby. Transfer it into a long term memory for both of you to remember. You can plan a shoot while cooking together, or playing basketball, just simply enjoying your common interest.

10. Be Funny

Don’t believe in the cliche wedding portraits, where you have to declare your love by holding each other’s hand? Then why don’t you try kicking him? Well, not literally, of course, but let your imagination fly and be as playful and funny as you can. Be candid and create photos that when you look at them, you can’t stop laughing.

11. Miniature Mania

A more recent theme that has been going viral on Social Media is ‘downsizing,’ just a way for your photographer to show off a few his cool editing techniques. Don’t forget to add this  to one of the pre-wedding theme ideas to your list.

12. Under the Stars

Night has been romanticized by several poets time and again for the enchanting Mise en Scene. Whether it be an aisle of fairy lights or a candlelight dinner, there are several ways you can play with the light that highlights nothing but the two of you.  You can also add certain props like fireworks or the Sky Lanterns to make your photos more mesmerizing.

13. Walk down the Memory Lane

We often look at our partners and can’t help but think of the time we met the first time, often feeling nostalgic and beyond happy for the fact that we crossed the path, then why not recreate the moment and relive it, just to capture it this time. Was it at a friend’s party, a trip you last moment agreed to go on, or do you go way back to being school sweethearts? Instead of just recreating your first meeting, you can also plan a day-long trip where you visit your favorite restraint, the place where you shared your first kiss and a place you traveled together for the first time.

14. Alcohol Lovers

There is nothing better than finding a soulmate to share a drink with. Go creative and add this to your pre-wedding theme ideas. Visit a vineyard, booze your heart out, and go crazy with your partner.

15. Sunsets and Silhouettes

Sunsets and Silhouettes go hand in hand, no matter how many sun-kissed pictures you take, nothing beats the soulfulness of the setting sun that peaks from between your silhouettes. Its the truest form of expression where you play with the colors the sun leaves behind, without the constant need to look in the camera.

16. Love is in the Air

We have talked about getting clicked underwater, how about high in the sky? Aerial theme is and can be made as real as you want it to. With many high-end photographers and wedding planners providing a platform for you to be in the air with the person you love with all the safeties provided to prevent any foreseeable accidents so that you can enjoy your moment without any fear.

17. Spread some Colors

The wedding does build a feeling of being on cloud nine, but why just feel it, when you can create one for your shoot! Smoke bombs are one of the favorite props for a professional photographer; they just can’t seem to get enough of it. So use their eternal love for these to your benefit and create a cloudy effect so alluring and real that even you can’t believe your eyes.

18. Do you have a Fantasy?

Sounds pervy, but that is for you to decide how you engage yourself in this theme. We all love the idea of dressing up as our favorite fictional character, some of us our potter heads, and more recently, inclining towards K-POP and anime. You can choose star wars or be your favorite superhero, with background settings and appropriate props to complement your character. It’s your wedding, make it as close to your heart as you can.

19. Monochrome

We talked about adding colors to your frame, few themes back, why not try to take them out for a change? Some styles just never grow old and keep making their space centuries after another. A Black and White frame is a must for every shoot; it is plain, yet pleasing to the eyes. You can also play with a single color, to make yourself and your partner stand out in the frame.

20. Game Night

Include your Family and Friends too; after all, they deserve a little fun too. Organize a game night, introducing several games, forming teams, and letting the photographer do his work without you noticing; this is the best way to have some awesome candids with all the people you love in a single room.

21. Let Nature take over

Weddings in itself can be pretty expensive and can make you cross out the shoot altogether. But there is no way you should skip on a lifetime chance of building this memory, so we decided on adding this theme in the list of pre-wedding theme ideas where your shoot costs nothing but still is equally enthralling. All you have to do is choose an outfit that best suits you, look for a quiet spot near you, and let nature do its job while all you have to do is appreciate it with your presence.

22. I Sea You

We did mention a theme set under the water, might as well try a shoot on the surface, in a boat, or by the glittering waterfall. Decorate your boat with flowers to fill in the colors, use the reflections to make the photos exceptional. Sea is considered to be a symbol for everlasting, eternal, and deep to the core like your love, so let the sea speak for you.

23. Go International

Some of us like to be extravagant in our lives, and why not, we’ll not be the same age again, so enjoy every moment while you can. If money is not a factor for you, then you must take a flight and visit a country, plan a shoot, not just ‘a day’ long but ‘days ‘ long. Hire an international photographer and make it as ornate as you can.

24. Mix them up

Let’s travel back to the Shakespearean era, and steal the idea of cross-dressing, mix things up a bit and show the world that clothes don’t hold any identity. Why just cross-dress, act as your partner, and be humorous. It’s a promise that you surely have a day full of laughter and joy.It will be just a different sort of pre-wedding theme ideas.

25. Get Quirky

Are you the ones who are often mentioned by the family and friends as the trouble-makers, the ones who can’t sit still? Then you have an innate sense of looking at things from a different angle, and you can’t settle for regular things. You obviously can make things more exciting by quirking things a bit, like being creative and changing the angle of your lens. Among the other pre-wedding theme ideas, this particular one can include various angles, patterns, graffiti for your background to compliment your unique nature.

You don’t have to settle for one, combine these pre-wedding theme ideas, let them be fluid, remember the primary motive is to enjoy the day with that special person you plan to spend the rest of your life. Also, don’t forget to connect with your photographer and building trust. May you have a happy wedding.

I hope you found the pre-wedding theme ideas refreshing, do comment if you feel there is any theme left unexplored.

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