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A Prefect 7 Days Diet Plan to Reduce Excess Body Fat


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Are you anxious about your rapidly ascending body fat? Most of us are. The bulgy appearance restricts our will from outdoor activities. Everyday people spare out the portion of their time to minimize their excessive body fat either by spending their precious time, working out in gyms and later starving out the entire day, leading to paleness and finally ill-health.  Despite several attempts, you don’t get the expected and desirable outcomes.

There was a time when I too felt uneasy while perceiving myself in front of a mirror due to my bulky figure. I spent hours, daily, working out in a gym, but I gained more weight instead. But after following a diet plan, I lost around 7 kilograms in just seven days.

Here is a seven days diet plan to trim down excess plump from your over bulging areas:

  • Day 1

It is the most challenging thing to forbid yourself from eating lip-smacking meals on the first day. But you must keep yourself apart from all the fast food and oily eatables at least for a week. On the first day, your entire day’s meal must constitute only of fruits excluding grapes, bananas, litchi, and mangoes. Addition to the fruit diet, drinks around ten or more glasses of water.

  • Day 2

After an all-day fruit diet, you switch on to an all-day vegetable diet, the next day, in which you can eat only vegetables, either raw or boiled. You can eat any veggie, except for potatoes, to your heart’s content but don’t add oil or ghee to it.

  • Day 3

As you’ll be habitual of gulping both fruits and vegetables, the third day you can include both fruits as well as vegetables in your whole day diet along with minimum fifteen glasses of water. By the end of day 3, you will loose around 4 kilograms.

  • Day 4


After three days of stern control over your craving, you finally get the pleasure of consuming milk as well as bananas. Your day four diet must consist of 4 glasses of milk and six bananas. You are also permitted to drink a bowl of soup that must contain vegetables.

  • Day 5

Now you finally reach the stage where you could consume milk products like paneer and soya bean. But you still can’t cook it in a rich manner. On day five you are allowed to munch on vegetables through a delicious soup which can include paneer as well as soya bean chunks and of course sprouts and veggies.

  • Day 6

Day 6′ s diet plan is very much similar to day 5’s diet plan, except for, you have to exclude tomatoes in your soup. Also, increase the water intake of up to eighteen glasses.

  • Day 7

After a tough diet of six days, on the seventh day, you can pounce over the contenting meal like a brown rice bowl, fruit juice, chapatis, and any vegetables you desire to eat. But don’t include fast food in your diet.

After the successful completion of the seven days diet plan, you will yourself observe the change in your figure, which will instill mirth over your achievement. Following this diet plan, not only reduces our weight but also makes our skin glow and make us feel energetic. It also increases the minerals and vitamins content required by our body organs to function actively. Hence, try out this seven day diet plan to get rid of your excessive bulges.

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