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Preparing Your Property for a Bad Storm or Hurricane

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Hurricane season is coming to an end. But then, it helps to be prepared for the long and dangerous hurricane season that typically runs from July to the end of November. With so many full-scale disasters coming from massive hurricanes on the east coast and beyond, even if you have home insurance, you’ll want to prep your house for the worst.

Losing everything including your actual home can change your life forever. Keep yourself, your family, and irreplaceable possessions out of harm’s way. Prepare your home for the next hurricane season with these helpful tips.Preparing Your Property for a Bad Storm or Hurricane 1

Have Supplies at the Ready

In the worst case scenario, you may not have access to clean water or edible food should a hurricane cut off access to these vital things. Therefore, if you live in a specially susceptible area for hurricane destruction, be sure to collect much-needed supplies.

The most useful storm kit should be able to provide supplies for a 48-hour period. Even better, you can prepare yourself through a supply kit that lasts up to five days or a week. Water supplies should last three days and food stores should last two.

You should be prepared with a duffel bag or water-resistant bag to hold your supplies, which should include a generous store of clean water, first aid kit (complete with antiseptic, bandages, gauze, and scissors), trash bags, tarps, blankets, flashlights, a battery-powered phone charger, and cash, among other essentials.

Have an Evacuation Plan

You should always have a plan if your home is at risk of being affected by a hurricane, whether large or small. Your evacuation plan will prepare you and keep you in practice for the day that a hurricane may come. If your home is surrounded by trees or other debris, look into

You should have at least two locations you and your family can go to in case of an emergency. Make a list of these locations as well as some close emergency contacts.

Know How to Shut Off Appliances

You should know how to shut off all appliances before an impending storm. This means all your appliances, even as just a precaution. There will be no problem in turning them back on in the event of a false alarm.

In addition, as a homeowner, you should know how to shut off your gas, water, and electricity. If an abundance of water hits these functioning appliances, it could cause further devastation to your home. Stay in contact with local authorities to ensure that you shut off these utilities properly.

Go Over Insurance Information

Based on your chosen insurance plan, you will be compensated accordingly. Make sure you know your insurance rights if a hurricane does significantly destroy your home. Keep these documents within your storm kit.

Stay in Contact with Your Family

No matter what the situation is, you’ll want to have access to a phone or another way of staying in contact with your family, in case of emergencies or natural disasters.

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