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Are You Aware of the Pretty Girl Syndrome?

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Ever heard about the Pretty Girl Syndrome?

 Mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all? – Snow White.

Who is this person who did not turn to take a look at me? – Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum.

There are tons of movies and books that revolve around Beauty of a Woman and that sets standards for women to be considered beautiful. Movies like Mean girls, Devils wear Prada, Legally Blonde and the list goes on but how true is this in real life? Let’s find out!

What is Pretty Girl Syndrome?

As one might guess Pretty Girl Syndrome means when a girl thinks or is prettier than other people around her she feels different because of her beauty and this can be problematic in various ways for her. Being pretty has its perks and drawbacks which comes in hand just based on looks.

Attractive people draw more attention and those who are habituated to getting attention and special treatment due to looks tend to have low self-esteem as they might think they are not appreciated for who they are rather people judge them based on their looks and achievements don’t seem to satisfy them as much.

They might also feel sad when for some reason all the attention they were used to getting stops. It is also a huge problem for all the girls who think they are not pretty.

Are You Aware of the Pretty Girl Syndrome? 1

Here is a list of ways how pretty girl syndrome can affect deeply someone’s life:

1. Self-Image

pretty girl syndrome

Main facts about petty girl syndrome states that pretty girls have a hard time dealing with self-image. They find it hard to figure out what to expect from people and how to not feel overconfident because of their looks. They might even feel they should not be treated differently and get away easily in situations because they are pretty. Low self-esteem can be observed among girls who are suffering from pretty girl syndrome. Being pretty can be pretty detrimental.  

2. Career

Research suggests that pretty people have more chances of getting selected in an interview than average-looking people as they might look more presentable than others. 

Special Opportunities for pretty girls makes them think that there is no real competition and start thinking more of themselves than others. But this is what usually happens but when the situation comes where looks doesn’t matter and the only thing that matter is qualities.

Rejection can turn pretty girls’ life upside down. And it is not their fault that they expected better from themselves because they never experienced rock bottom before. But everything happens for a reason and rejections make us stronger and better prepared for the future.

3. Relationships

Are You Aware of the Pretty Girl Syndrome? 2

It’s obvious that you would want your partner to love you for who you are not because of your good looks. Pretty girl syndrome brings relationship problems for pretty girls as they feel they cannot easily trust anyone because people want to talk to them a lot but no one takes interest in their personality.

People keep approaching pretty girls but after some point, these starting conversations tire pretty girls as they can’t find real emotional connections. This consequently results into trust issues and loneliness because when they actually need someone there is no one. It becomes hard to make real friends and even people who you already consider your friends start hating you because they think you are superior from them just because you are pretty. Pretty girls end up feeling like people want to know me but they don’t care!

4. Social Media

Today the world focuses much on beauty and sets standards for women. Television, Social Media and even Print Media for that matter. Each of these platforms showcase the ideal image for women. Pretty girls are most affected by Pretty girl syndrome because of social media as they feel they fit into a supposedly ideal category.

But this is the beginning of problems as pretty girls get habituated of the attention they get online and mean comments at some point disturbs them deeply. They try things to maintain their beauty and sometimes starve themselves or try to put up makeup to hide their real faces. These mean comments can be demeaning more than it can be imagined.

Are You Aware of the Pretty Girl Syndrome? 3

 Another bad effect of pretty girl syndrome is when pretty people want to promote their work may it be art or poems they are not at all as appreciated as they are when they post their own picture. This can create self-doubt as everyone wants to feel worthy because of their achievements and not because of their looks.

5. Mental Health

Some parents worry about the future of their cute baby girls as since childhood they start to understand the benefits of being pretty. These parents fear that their child should not feel she is entitled to better life based just on her face and they know that the ugly truth is society will treat them differently and spoil them with all the attention.

But the truth is pretty people feel lonelier because people around them are both too competitive and jealous or have a prejudice that they are very popular. Ego can alter all the relationships and the habit of people approaching can stop pretty people to initiate the conversation even if they are dying inside to talk.

 How to deal with Pretty Girl syndrome?

Being pretty can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. When it becomes a curse it can bring on personality disorders like being less empathetic or underdevelopment of skills because of attention they get for free.

People even assume that if a girl is pretty then it’s obvious that she is dumb. This stereotyping is further bolstered by portraying such characters in movies or TV series. Though there has been a shift in this outlook, as today we see a rise in films centered around women, more such empowerment should take place.

The first line of the article says mirror mirror on the wall that’s the prettiest of them all should be replaced with if you want to change the world start with the man in the mirror!

This needs to stop on a personal level and the whole society should think before they treat people differently or judge someone based on their looks. Outer beauty fades but a good heart stays.  

Comment your views on the Pretty Girl Syndrome. Let us know what you are thinking in the comment section below!

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