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Problems Faced by Introverts at a New Place of Work


A new place of work could come across as a little uncomfortable for introverts.  Marti Olsen Laney, the author of The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World and producer of its companion Web site, says introverts “are often misunderstood because our culture overvalues extroverted skills like acting and speaking quickly.” They usually face a lot of problems in a new work place. Some of these problems are discussed below-

Being Misunderstood

Being an introvert usually means being misunderstood by the crowds. Many working around you might think that you are aloof or maybe snobby whereas that is not the case at all! You could have your own personal time at your work desk but try to open up a bit and interact with your co-workers over coffee and lunch breaks.  This will not only help them understand you better but, also give you some good company to have around the office.

Difficulty in Clearing Doubts

Introverts usually have problems in clearing doubts related to work. They find it tough to go up and ask their doubts which could be a disadvantage. Our advice to such people is not to be afraid and gain the confidence to go up and discuss all work related doubts with the concerned person as it will only help you make your project better and succeed.

Difficulty in sharing ideas

Introverts usually being good observers end up having some brilliant ideas. However, they find it difficult to share ideas with others. Introverts should voice their opinions and ideas though because their input could actually be helping out the company.

Being Undervalued


Introverts tend to be undervalued since a young age itself, but that is not the case. Introverts prefer their work to speak for them rather than socializing and increasing their worth by word of mouth. This could work for introverts though as they could request their name to be published along with the work, head business meetings if they are confident in doing so and work more in their niche. This will raise their work value and also gain them the praise that they deserve.

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