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Pros and Cons of Dating a Writer


There is always a hidden charm and mystery to writers. They are the creative, simple yet wise and intellectual folks. One is always attracted to writers and conversations with them could never be a bore and *sigh* imagine dating one! Dating a writer can be a complete delight! However, there are quite a few cons to dating a writer, but the pros to dating one definitely make up for it!

PRO: They will express their love and emotions to you in the most beautiful words. The charm and beauty in the way they express their feelings will have you swooning in no time.

CON: You might feel like a complete disappointment as you will be very sheer and simple in your way of expressing emotions. Your style may not be as expressive as them which might disappoint them and maybe, make you feel low as well.

PRO: Writers as logic has it, love to write. They will write you the most beautiful letters, use you as a muse for projects and write poems dedicated to you.  A wonderful way to make you feel special, isn’t it?

CON: They over-analyse everything. They will think in great detail about the things you speak to them and at times, this could get exasperating.


PRO: Writers make the most interesting ones to converse with. They read a lot and thus have a great knowledge about a variety of things! Alongside this, they have so many views about the same topic. This makes conversations multiple times the fun.

CON: They will seem aloof a lot of the time. They may be talking to you but at the same time getting ideas for a new essay or story. Your topic of discussion could also remind them of some article they are currently working on and therefore, they will seem distracted at times. But, not all the time.

PRO: Writers are very good observers. A writer will be able to read you like a book once you both get to know each other. They will know what upsets you and how you would react in a certain situation. They, basically, know you and understand you extremely well.

CON: Writers are difficult to understand. They have so many layers to them, so many experiences and incidents that have made them who they are. Writers are also very secretive and at times introverted in nature. With all their work, their thoughts and opinions, writers are very tough to understand (Though you will love their soul once you do understand them).

PRO: Writers with their immense love for literature, will recommend books to you a lot. They will want to discuss their favorite books and quotes with you. They might even enjoy reading out their most loved poems to you (How much more dreamy could it get?)

CON: Writers are Grammar Nazis. Correcting grammatical errors is like a second nature to them. They will do so with you even if it will annoy the living daylights out of you! But, you must understand that this comes to them automatically, and they honestly cannot control it.

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