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5 PS4 Games Even Non-Gamers Should Definitely Try Their Hand At!


For non-gamers, gamers can be something of a myth. A mystical breed of creatures , we have read jokes, memes and posts about on Facebook and Tumblr; a clan of humans with their feet firmly planted on the ground and their heads lost high up in their television screens, in words that come to live and bloom in front of their eyes. But gamers are no myths; they are people just like us ordinary folk. They walk among us, breathe the same air that we breathe.

I ought to know; I have friends who come under that category! And believe me, the fantasy lands and imaginary worlds they move and play in can be LOT of fun. Even if you are terrible at it, playing games is invigorating, like a splash of cold water on a hot summer’s day.

So here are 5 PS4 games you should play at least once in your life with the help of your gamer friends!


Genre: Survival horror

This is one of the best zombie apocalypse games there is.  It isn’t just about blasting your way through the infected, cannibalistic creatures to safety; no, this game has character development and a riveting storyline. You feel as if you are writing your story, wading your way through a movie.

The game begins with around 10-15 minutes of exposition, in which we meet Joel, a brave and dedicated single dad. What happens during this segment is jarring and brutal; it brings a lump to one’s throat. The Last of Us uses a third-person perspective, and Joel is the character whose thoughts we control the most. He is tasked with escorting a young girl, Ellie, across the ravaged landscape of the United States. With him, we navigate through adrenaline-pumping moments in sewers, abandoned houses and various towns while battling the zombie-like humans hell-bent on devouring any survivors.

The graphics and imagery are realistic and immerses one in the game, and the number of tiny details which were not glossed over is impressive. The theme song track is one of my personal favourites. So experience this dangerous thrill which you will (hopefully) never be faced with in real life!

2.FIFA 15

Genre: Sports Simulation

For those who enjoy watching or playing football, this game is a must-try. Even if you have no love for the game but have a mean competitive streak, you should give FIFA a run. It allows you to pick a football team of your choice. It has leagues, clubs, national teams – the whole package, and you can choose the kind of match you would like to play.

The resemblance of the game players to their counterparts, in reality, is uncanny. The screaming of the audience and the sense of victory you feel when you switch from player to player, navigating your way through the opponents before finally scoring that last-second goal that wins you the match will have you leaping up from your seat and cheering at the top of your voice.


Genre: Action-adventure, racing

Ever had the urge to do something risky, reckless and unlawful? I bet we all have had it at some point or the other. It’s what compels us to read crime novels, to watch thrillers. We don’t want to be on the run or steal cars in real life, but boy is it fun to imagine sometimes.

THAT is why you should try your hand at this game, full of thugs and sketchy missions and car racing and shooting. \

For the hours you spend playing GTA, you can forget the quiet and tame reality of your life and be lost in a world completely apart from your own. You can live outside the law. In the fictional city of Los Santos, you can do things you’d never even consider doing otherwise. The game comprises of individual missions to be completed, all woven together into a story, the plot of the game. The missions are challenging and exciting, from high-speed car chases to shooting 25 bad guys, from plane rides to stealing trucks and submarines. It’s a game that is worth your while.


Genre: Role-playing, fantasy

Lord of the Rings fans, this is your game! For all those who daydream about being among fantasy creatures like elves, dwarves and spell casters in a far-off land, DAI is your fantasy come to life. The continent of Thedas has been thrown into chaos. It is plagued by civil unrest, and mysterious rifts or ‘The Breach’ act as a portal to another world, unleashing demons upon the once-peaceful land.

Become the Inquisitor in the form of an elf, human, dwarf or qunari, possessing the Mark – the one thing capable of sealing the portal between worlds. In this fantasy world, you can fight your way through demons using weapons and magic – whatever is at your disposal. The overall story arc is intriguing, the characters seem real, and the landscape and scenery are brilliantly imagined and breathtaking. Don’t miss out on this excellent game.


Genre: First-person/ third-person shooter

If you want to deal with assault rifles, pistols, explosives, and snipers in a virtual world such that you will not sustain any physical damage, try this critically-acclaimed instalment of the Metal Gear series. As it encourages players to use non-lethal weapons such as tranquillizer darts against their enemies instead of killing them.

This game is ideal for a slightly younger audience with concerned parents worried about how gaming may affect their young ones. The player can also build relationships with and call upon companions to aid them in the game, from snipers with supernatural leanings to trained wolf pups. For the short hours of your life which you spend playing this game, you can escape mundane reality and feel like a battle-hardened warrior, an adventure-seeker, a hero.

What other games have you played and loved? Let us know in the comments section below!


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