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Sonnalli Seygall: Pyaar ka Punchnama actress mobbed

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‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ actress Sonnalli Seygall’s date with the capital turned out to be an unexpected experience when she got mobbed by a group of her fans.

Sonnalli had gone out to dine with her relatives at a popular mall when the incident took place. The actress flew down to the capital city for a day to spend some time with her cousin. They wanted the evening to be a private affair to spend some quality time, and Sonnalli had also planned to take her little nephew and niece to a popular toy store post the dinner. But she never anticipated drawing the crowd; she eventually did.

“Her cousins were initially amused and even captured the scene of people pushing each other, but they gradually realized the crowd was getting unruly and so whisked Sonnalli away,” said a source.

Commenting on the experience, the actress said in a statement: “I didn’t quite anticipate this. I have been to public places in Delhi before. Although I have experienced being surrounded by fans, this was something else. However, it does feel good to know that my work has been noticed, and that goes to prove, I must be doing something right. The incident gives me more motivation to work harder and meet the expectations of those who have shown so much love and appreciation.”


Model turned actor Sonnalli Seygall is high after Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2’s (2015) surprise success elevated her to fame. She revealed that she had another film releasing on the same day as Pyar Ka Punchnama 2, because of which she had to do an expert juggling act. “I never thought this would happen to me, and I would have two films — Wedding Pullav and Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 — releasing on the same day,” Sonnalli narrates, “Dates clashed while shooting songs in both films. Except for the short naps I took in the car, I didn’t sleep well for around four days; that is 106 hours! Yes, I literally counted. I kept traveling from one set to another and finished shooting. But ultimately, it all worked out well.”


Sonnalli was part of the original Pyar Ka Punchnaaama  (2011), in which she played a modern girl Rhea but in the sequel, she plays Supriya, a simple girl.

The actor did admit that she loved her character and called herself a “Hopeless romantic, who loves with all her heart.” She is a traditional family person. She is timid at home but lets it go as soon as she steps out of the house. Actually, I was supposed to play Ishita (Sharma)’s character, but instead, I got to play a role I’ve never done before.” 

So what is Sonnalli like in real life?

“I am a mix of both Rhea and Supriya. Unlike Rhea, I can’t juggle two boyfriends, but I am a hopeless romantic like Supriya,” she laughs, “I am not timid at home, though. I am a modern girl and like to plan things out.”



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