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Who Am I?
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Who Am I?

Who am I??? Who??? One who changed from being an optimist to being a pessimist? One who changed from smiling lips to tearful eyes? One who was once loved and now hated? One who was deeply cared for and now left alone? Who am I???

A part of someone’s life or a mere forceful responsibility? One who changed from a free spirit to a dead soul? One who had all the attention and now ignored and abandoned?

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Maybe I am the one whose every day and every night is a lonely day and a lonely night. The days are silent, and the nights are crying. The mornings are hopeful and the evenings thoughtful. Maybe the one with silent lips but with a shrinking heart.

With a pen in hand, I am speaking treasured words. Whose ears have heard from the loveliest to the cruelest words? Who am I??? Maybe someone… Or perhaps no one… Perhaps the one who was innocent and is innocent still.

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What Is Life?

I am a learner who is learning the lesson of life. Every day is a new chapter. Life is like a butterfly, with many different colors and emotions. Some colors and emotions are beautiful, but some are dark and haunting.

Just like a butterfly, I can fly but seeing the crude world; I sit and cry. At times life allows me to suck in the prettiest moments, but there are hard times too. Life is the most difficult book. It teaches the essence of happiness by gifting a few moments of pain. Life teaches the meaning of dimple cheeks along with the taste of salty cheeks.

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I just realized! I often keep staring into nothingness. I introspect, ask various questions to myself. Why am I so lonely, or is it that only my heart feels so? I am the victim of my mind. From where shall I bring back the optimism?

Realization: Books are the best companion.

They never leave us alone and teach us the true meaning of life. Books can break the loneliness from the inside and the outside. Books allow me to read the words I can never say, the thoughts that I should adopt, and about people I can never be. Instead of piling up my mind with negative thoughts, I pile up books.

Here I end up writing with a positive note. Lonely people don’t feel alone when books are around. Books can change your life, your thoughts, your beliefs, your perceptions.

I think all of us should have a habit of reading. Reading helps you imagine what you have never imagined before or could not imagine because you were busy blaming your life; you were busy being lonely.

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