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10 Quick food hacks for every hostler


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These are days when one can explore themselves and enjoy their lives to fullest.Hostel days are fun! The most important thing it teaches you is, to be self-sufficient In every way and especially when it comes to food hacks and getting your eating habits right! So here are some brilliant food hacks which will make your hostel life much better.

1.Pizza Bread

Starting off from the appetizers, All you need is bread and cheese. Spread the cheese on the bread and put it in a pan. Wait for 5 minutes, and your pizza bread is ready. If you want, you can add onion, capsicum, tomato anything that you like.

2. Sunnyside up

Its takes the time to boil eggs or to make an omelet, so instead you can just break the eggs into frying pan and let it half fry. You can pair this with toast or anything that you like. It’s a fulfilling and tasty breakfast.

3.Fruit Salads

Now if you plan to go for healthy food hacks, this is a great option. You just need to cut you favorite fruits and add yogurt, cream or even nuts.


4. Nutella Milk shakes

Talking about beverages, the milkshake is a great option that tastes good and isn’t unhealthy. So you can add everyone’s favorite Nutella instead of any extra flavored powder. One of the best food hacks for sure!


5.Lemon-rice-boil rice

Coming to Rice food hacks; Add one tsp. of oil in a pan and add onion, salt, and turmeric and saute it. Add boiled rice to it and squeeze a full lemon.

6. Poha

Add one tsp. of oil in a pan and add pour and onion. You can add other ingredients like potato, nuts, etc.


Boil some quantity of porridge and add some milk to it, you can heat it for some more time if you like.


Here again comes to Bread to the rescue. All you need is bread, cheese or butter or both if you like and anything like cabbage, tomato, cucumber, you can even grill it you like.


Easiest way to begin your day is to choose the cereal that you like the variety of cereals that are available and just add milk to it.


10. Bread up

Prepare soaked bread on one side and the other add some oil in a pan and then add chopped onions and tomatoes., Then squeeze the bread and put it in the pan. Mix it well.


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