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Quick Handbook to Types of Sushi Rolls

types of sushi rolls

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I am a huge sushi lover, and it amazes me how many types of sushi rolls there are in the world. They are unique, enjoyable, and in any flavor you want.

The huge myth of sushi is just raw fish is getting a little old now. There are so many vegetarian sushi rolls too. Japanese facts state that sushi is actually a way to prepare rice, not raw fish. Sushi always has rice, but it doesn’t contain a fish in each type of sushi.

The term sushi actually means different types and combinations of ingredients make Japanese food made with Japanese type of rice with different kinds of seafood (shrimp, prawn, fresh fish) and vegetables.

This Japanese dish is now much loved everywhere, and it is considered expensive compared to other foods because it is highly labor-intensive. As simple as this dish seems, it is quite the opposite. Types of sushi rolls hide various preparations that go into making these rolls, almost as many as a chefs’ imagination can go.

Listed below are the types of sushi rolls and the ingredients that go into them; you will be amazed to see how much variety there is in a single dish. Next time when you go to your favorite Japanese restaurant, this little list is going to help you choose your favorite sushi roll.

Types of sushi rolls:

  • Avocado roll

 Ingredients are avocado (vegetarian sushi roll)

  • Alaskan roll

 Ingredients are smoked salmon, avocado, imitation crab

  • Asparagus roll

 Ingredients are cooked asparagus (vegetarian sushi roll)

  • Atlanta roll

 Ingredients are fried tuna, salmon, albacore with spicy aioli sauce

  • Baked salmon roll

 Ingredients are broiled salmon, crab, cucumber, cream cheese, and sweet sauce.

  • Bath street roll

 Ingredients are an octopus, crab, smelt egg, cream cheese, avocado, and cucumber.

  • Blue crab roll

 Ingredients are lump blue crab meat with avocado or/and cucumber

  • Boston roll

 Ingredients are cooked shrimp, cucumber, tobiko, plus avocado or lettuce

  • British Columbia roll

 Ingredients are grilled salmon skin, cucumber, and sometimes sweet sauce

  • California roll

 Ingredients are imitation crab, cucumber, and sesame seeds

  • Carrot roll

 Ingredients are carrot (vegetarian sushi roll)

  • Caterpillar roll

 Ingredients are cucumber, avocado, unagi, Kani kama.

  • Chicken teriyaki roll

 Ingredients are chicken teriyaki and sliced cucumber topped with avocado

  • Classic roll

 Ingredients are Crab, avocado, and cucumber. Most commonly, the crab is an imitation crab made from fish.

  • Crazy boy roll

 Ingredients are Fried California Roll with eel sauce on top

  • Crazy roll

 Ingredients are Spicy Salmon, spicy tuna, avocado, crunch, masago wrapped inside soybean seaweed.

  • Crystal roll

 Ingredients are Eel, spicy Kani, avocado, and crunchy inside, tobiko, and eel sauce on top.

  • Cucumber roll

 Ingredients are Cucumber (Vegetarian sushi rolls)

  • Dancing eel roll

 Ingredients are Shrimp tempura and cream cheese, with eel and sometimes avocado on top.

  • Dragon roll

 Ingredients are Eel cucumber topped with avocado and masago

  • Dynamite roll

 Ingredients are Prawn/Shrimp Tempura, yellowtail, carrots, avocado, chili, cucumber, with spicy mayo.

  • Eel avocado roll

 Ingredients are cooked eel with avocado, topped with sauce

  • Eel cucumber roll

 Ingredients are cooked eel with cucumber, topped with sauce

  • Energy roll

Ingredients are eel, yellowtail, yamagobo, green onions, and smelt eggs

  • Fantasy roll

 Ingredients are tuna, salmon, yellowtail, tobacco, and avocado, cucumber with mayonnaise in a white seaweed wrap.

  • Fire roll

 Ingredients are king crab, white fish, tomato, asparagus, and tobiko tempura with spicy mayo.

  • Firecracker roll

 Ingredients are spicy scallops, raw tuna, and avocado

  • Futomaki roll

 Ingredients are crab, egg, and vegetables

  • Golden roll

 Ingredients are deep-fried roll with Kani, eel, Philadelphia cream cheese inside with chef special sauce, spicy mayo, and eel sauce.

  • Hawaiian roll

 Ingredients are raw tuna, garlic, avocado, and more tuna on top

  • Holiday roll

 Ingredients are turkey, cranberry with cream cheese

  • Hot night roll

 Ingredients are shrimp tempura, cucumber, and spicy tuna

  • Hungry roll

 Ingredients are spicy tuna, crispy seaweed, and tempura

  • Kamikaze roll

 Ingredients are spicy tuna, crunch, and tobiko, and/or avocado

  • King roll

 Ingredients are king crab tempura, avocado, and lettuce topped with crunchy shrimp.

  • Las Vegas roll

 Ingredients are cream cheese, avocado, yamagobo, crab, and assorted fish. The whole roll is deep-fried.

  • Lasagna roll

 Ingredients are California roll, broiled with shrimp and cream sauce

  • Mango roll

 Ingredients are crab meat, shrimp tempura, avocado, mango slices with mango paste.

  • Mastercard roll

 Ingredients are California roll with salmon and tuna on top

  • Michigan roll

 Ingredients are spicy tuna, smelt roe, avocado, and spicy tuna

  • New York roll

 Ingredients are smoked salmon, apple, avocado

  • Ocean roll

 Ingredients are spicy snow crab, avocado, and tobiko with Kani on top

  • Oshinko roll

Ingredients are Japanese pickled radish

  • Peanut avocado roll

 Ingredients are roasted salt peanuts, avocado, wasabi, soy sauce (vegetarian sushi rolls)

  • Philadelphia roll

 Ingredients are smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber

  • Pink lady roll

 Ingredients are crab meat with salmon and avocado, topped with tobiko, and wrapped in pink soy paper.

  • Rainbow roll

 Ingredients are California roll topped with avocado and assorted raw fish

  • Rattlesnake roll

 Ingredients are shrimp tempura, topped with eel and avocado

  • Rocky roll

 Ingredients are tuna, avocado, and crunch with shrimp on top

  • Salmon avocado roll

 Ingredients are salmon with avocado

  • Salmon cucumber roll

 Ingredients are salmon with cucumber

  • Salmon skin roll

 Ingredients are cooked salmon skin with avocado and red peppers

  • Salmon roll

 Ingredients are salmon

  • Scallop volcano roll

 Ingredients are California roll topped off with baked scallops and mushrooms.

  • Sea roll

 Ingredients are spicy tuna and avocado topped with spicy scallop

  • Seattle roll

 Ingredients are raw salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, and/or avocado

  • Shrimp cucumber roll

 Ingredients are cooked shrimp and cucumber

  • Shrimp killer roll

 Ingredients are shrimp tempura, cucumber, topped with shrimp

  • Shrimp tempura roll

 Ingredients are light batter fried shrimp, cucumber, avocado, mayo, and masago.

  • Smoked salmon roll

 Ingredients are smoked salmon with cucumber and avocado

  • Snowcorn roll

 Ingredients are crab with avocado topped with baked white fish

  • Softshell crab roll

 Ingredients are deep-fried soft-shell crab, cucumber, and tobiko

  • Soho roll

 Ingredients are smoked salmon, shrimp, crab, and avocado

  • Spicy girl roll

 Ingredients are spicy salmon and crunch with salmon and avocado on top

  • Spicy salmon roll

 Ingredients are minced salmon mixed with spicy mayo

  • Spicy tataki roll

 Ingredients are spicy tuna and cucumber, topped with avocado and cooked tuna.

  • Spicy tuna roll

 Ingredients are minced albacore tuna mixed with spicy mayo

  • Spicy yellowtail roll

 Ingredients are raw yellowtail and spicy sauce

  • Spider roll

 Ingredients are fried soft-shell crab, cucumber, avocado

  • Spring roll

 Ingredients are crab meat and avocado wrapped with cucumber, topped with tobiko and Japanese mayonnaise.

  • Summer roll

 Ingredients are crab stick, cucumber, avocado, lemon juice, and mayo, topped with salmon.

  • Sweet potato roll

 Ingredients are sweet potato sometimes fried

  • Tampa roll

 Ingredients are breaded fried fish and scallions with mayo

  • Teriyaki roll

 Ingredients are teriyaki seasoned meat and cucumber topped with avocado

  • Texas roll

 Ingredients are beef, cucumber, spinach leaves

  • Tiger roll

 Ingredients are avocado, shrimp tempura, and cucumber, and lettuce

  • Tuna avocado roll

 Ingredients are tuna with avocado

  • Tuna cucumber roll

 Ingredients are tuna with cucumber

  • Tuna roll

 Ingredients are tuna

  • Vegetable roll

 Ingredients are avocado, cucumber, yamagobo, kaiware, asparagus, and lettuce.

  • Viagra roll

 Ingredients are sea urchin, eel, and avocado

  • Volcano roll

 Ingredients are king crab, spicy tuna, crunch, and avocado wrapped in soybean paper with chef’s special sauce.

  • White tuna roll

Ingredients are escolar tuna

  • Yellowtail roll

Ingredients are yellowtail, generally rolled with scallions only.


The list goes on and on, right? But these types of sushi rolls listed below are the most popular ones. They are universal favorites of the many sushi rolls we just discussed.


  1. California roll

This is the original inside-out roll among many different types of sushi rolls. In this, the rice is outside the seaweed wrapper. It is one of the most famous sushi rolls on the planet.

Fun fact about the origin of this sushi is that this sushi roll wasn’t created in California or Tokyo but Canada.

  1. Spicy tuna roll

California roll must be the new in-trend sushi roll, but spicy tuna roll was a hit before these several types of sushi rolls came into action. Adding spicy mayo as an ingredient with the tuna balanced its sweetness to the spicy effect. Today, everyone has a huge appetite for sushi, but spicy tuna rolls remain an all-time favorite.

  1. Crunchy roll

Many sushi rolls are entirely deep-fried, and some are not at all. But the crunchy roll is just perfect, the sushi roll is raw, and the panko batter is fried before adding it to the roll. The crunchy roll is amazing, favorite, and famous for its texture that many sushi rolls lack.

  1. Philly roll

This sushi roll did originate in Philadelphia by one of the first world’s female sushi chefs. It is a combination of cream cheese and salmon, and it became America’s one of the most popular types of sushi rolls.

  1. Caterpillar roll

Avocado may not be Japanese, but this Mexican ingredient is very well adapted in the sushi roll world. The perfect mix of fish and avocado is the best thing about the caterpillar roll; to best make it look like its name, the sushi is entirely rolled by grilled eel (unagi) and is generously topped with slices of green avocado to make it look like the cute caterpillar.

  1. Rainbow roll

The king among all the types of sushi rolls is, hands down, the Rainbow roll. This sushi is a combination of all the sushi rolls listed above. From inside, it is a California roll, and from the top, different colored fish stripe the length of the roll, ahi tuna for red, salmon for orange, yellowtail for pink, red snapper for white, and avocado for green. This colorful view gives you a vibe of the rainbow, and every single mouthful is just delicious.



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