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18 Quirkiest Ads Ever Made

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There are various advertisements we see every day around us. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, and advertisements surround us. Advertisements are everywhere, right from the newspaper to television to outdoor parties and stalls to mobile and internet. A select few are really creative, some are tolerable, but the rest makes us scream out in silence.

So here are the 18 quirkiest ads ever made-

1. Colgate

First of all, whose idea it was: a toothpaste with salt (and now lemon and neem)? And then, coming back to the irritating ad, imagine one morning you are walking towards your bathroom, and suddenly a reporter (Sonakshi, Kareena or Priyanka) appears from nowhere with her gang and asks, “Kya aapke toothpaste mei namak (or nimbu aur namak or neem) hai?” Or imagine you are in a movie theatre, and suddenly Sonakshi comes out of the movie screen to ask you the same stupid question. And she gives you a Colgate Active Salt and goes back into the screen.


2. Vodafone (crazy feet dance)

Indians love to dance and watch other’s dance but not like absolute morons. According to Vodafone, we should waste our net packs by watching lame and pointless videos of some idiotic people dancing like chicken in a group and posting them on social media.


3. Samsung S4 Obsession

Woohoo! A man has become so obsessed with his mobile that he wrote S and 4 on his bedsheets, pillows, handkerchief, and everywhere which even made his wife doubt him.

samsung s4

4. Nokia Lumia

And this two-minute ad where men are pole dancing like crazy, and you won’t realize even for a second that they are selling you a mobile.

Nokia Lumia  

5. Fair and Lovely

And here comes a series of nonsense ads. Firstly, we would like to inform you that darker skin is much more attractive than fairer. And it’s a fact. We should be proud of being Indians who don’t have super fair skin. Secondly, being fairer or darker doesn’t make any difference to either your personal or professional life. The only thing which counts is your attitude, character, and personality.

Coming back to the ad, imagine a girl dressed like a complete ‘behenji’ gets rejected and then after applying fair and lovely regularly for some weeks, she goes for the same interview. Only this time, she is dressed in a business suit, and she got selected. What do they want to show us? The magic of fairness or something else? These ads are so discouraging to the audience.

Nowadays, even boys are targeted by this company and their ads. All the ads follow the concept of an average looking girl who doesn’t really have any aim in life, and she starts using the cream and gets a job, promotion and a good looking guy, all within 2 weeks.

fair and lovely

6. Axe Deo ad (Chocolate Boy)

Firstly, all women don’t like chocolate. Secondly, the chocolate boy will melt in India as soon as he steps out of his house. Axe-Dark-Temptation-Chocolate

7. Pepsi Bhaag

This ad is just another ad that makes absolutely no sense. Two boys are running insanely to reach a ground to play cricket, and they reach the stadium where our Indian cricket team is already playing. When Virat Kohli asks, “What is wrong with them?” They reply, “Bhai, jaldi mei the.” What the hell is wrong with these advertisers? Why do they make such insane ads?

pepsi oh yes abhi pepsi-oh-yes-abhi

8. Kinley (Boond boond mei Sacha ai)

I know that this ad seemed cute to you when the girl calls her father and confesses that she lied to him and why she was not able to sleep. But it is not possible to become all truthful by drinking water from a so-called company, and if you are planning to try it, then either you will be thrown out of your house, or you will be locked in your house for months.


9. Rupa Frontline Vest

In this ad, you will see that a vest can make you stay ahead of everyone, even the minister. Really?

Rupa Frontline

10. Snickers

This ad shows that hunger can make anyone behave like a heroine who the consumption of Snickers will subdue. Well, researchers are still busy finding the logic behind the concept. You can test it by the following steps: stay hungry for 8-10 hours and then make someone record your behaviour so that you will be able to check your changed behaviour, and then don’t forget to grab a Snickers.


11. Dove

We are living in a country where a person who owns an onion is also considered rich. We are fighting poverty, hunger and deadly diseases like dengue. Why will anyone waste milk for bathing?


12. MDH masala

This animated commercial is so irritating; there is nothing else that I could say.

mdh masala

13. Honda Mobilio

Why have the makers of this commercial added an ultra-cool irritating family to it?

Honda Mobilio Thats My Ride Honda-Mobilio-Thats-My-Ride Honda mobilio thats my ride

14. Rin

Two women have covered their whitest dress with a shawl and are about to visit a five-star hotel where the hotel manager is standing outside only to pass comments on them. And now they have got the chance to show off their dress. Seriously, why do they even make such advertisements?



15. Munch

What the hell is wrong with this advertisement? This is so irritating. Can anyone enlighten us on what munchification is?


16. Godrej Expert Rich Creme

Two women in the video scream out loud, “Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god”, like god knows what have they accomplished. The advertisement is really annoying and irritating because it suddenly pops up when we are watching movies.

godrej expert rich creme

17. Cadbury Eclairs- The fountain of chocolate

And this commercial of Cadbury Eclairs shows fountains of chocolate burst out of everyone’s head.


18. Ponds White Beauty

This is another fairness cream advertisement trying to prove that your partner will love you more if your skin becomes fairer.

ponds white beauty


Talk about crazy and quirky; Indian adds will serve them all to you.

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