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Reasons Chocolate’s Good for Health


Are you addicted to the lip-smacking taste of chocolates? Are you a deliberate chocolate lover? Are you instructed to sacrifice your chocolate eating habits, again and again? If your answer is yes, you know the benefits of eating chocolates. It’s true. Chocolate has several advantages over the human health. Sometimes, you get health benefits where you least expect it.

  • Eating chocolates at least twice a week minimizes the risk of heart attacks or heart-related problems. It prevents the blood from clotting and clumps the blood platelets together more slowly in chocolate eaters than nonchocolate eaters. The dark chocolates also prevent the body from the blood inflammation.
  • According to the latest research results, the students who eat more chocolate are sharper in Mathematics than non-eaters of chocolates. If a student consumes chocolates while preparing for the examinations he or she is benefitted by that. It sharpens the mental mathematics aptitude within a person. So eat chocolates to score well and make exam preparations easier for you.

  • Chocolates also reduce the risk of cancer. The cocoa, the main constituent of chocolate, contains a compound pentameric procyanidin, which plays a major role in breaking the ability of the cancer cells to spread within the body. It suppresses the division of cancer cells.Chocolate consumption curtails the risk of diabetes by accelerating the insulin sensitivity.
  • Chocolates, especially dark chocolates, are beneficial for your skin. The compounds called flavonoids, contained inside a dark chocolate, shields the women’s skin from the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun, hence preventing the skin from tanning or darkening.

  • Theobromine, an element in chocolate, cures a severe cough within our throats and reduces the activities of the vagus nerves, which is a part of the brain that initiates the coughing process.
  • If we consume chocolates for a duration of continuously two weeks, the blood circulation inside our body will increase at a great pace.
  • The dark chocolates contain several elements that boast our memorizing power and wits at a rapid speed and hence enhancing our knowledge and capabilities.

  • Last, but not the least, chocolate increases our life span. According to research, chocolate adds two years to our original life span and makes us survive for a longer period. So grab chocolate now and eat it unhesitatingly.



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