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7 Reasons Crows are More Intelligent than We Think

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Humans certainly have always underestimated animals in regard to intelligence and intellect. This misconception is also very common in those black flying creatures, crows. All of you feel that they are nothing but just birds without brains but that’s where you go wrong. Crows belong to the Corvidae family of birds. Since ages, people have praised and believed in the smartness of these birds.

Many superstitions are attached to the existence of crows. Some people think they are a bad sign while some think they are simply food snatchers! Ironically, their brain is the size of a human thumb, and yet they are as intelligent as a seven-year-old child. Scientists say that crows are equivalent to a flying monkey. Well, there are many lesser-known facts about the smartness of a crow. Here are some practical reasons for this intelligence :

1) They remember faces:

Can you ever differentiate between two crows? That’s probably never possible. But crows can always recognise human faces. If you have messed with them anyhow, don’t think you won’t be recognised. They will recognize you anytime they find you and then begins the revenge!

2) Even crows gossip

Have you ever watched two crows watching at you in then looking at each other? That’s when they actually tend to gossip about you. This is scientifically proven, crows do tell other crows about people they’ve come across. They even gossip about their attackers and maybe crack jokes about you!

3) They are little engineers:

Several species use tools but crows have an instinct of making new tools. Also, they are the only non-primates to make tools. Apart from using sticks, they even bend wires to form tools. Yes, wires that they haven’t come across has been their favourite tool for making stuff.

4) Clever future planning:

Crows unlike squirrels not just plan for future but also are very clever. If they see some creature watching their secret food hiding place, they will misguide them and find a new place. It is not possible to fool a crow at any moment especially when it’s about the authenticity of his future.

5) Unbelievable adaptation:

Crows have very easily adapted to human lifestyle and noticed it very closely. They know the concept of traffic lights and drop their nuts on the road while the light is green. That breaks the nutshell when the vehicles move and their work is done. Also, they remember the timings of the restaurants and therefore take advantage to find food. That itself makes them much smarter!

6) The Ability to Analyze is Common:

Research tells that crows do understand analogy. They can’t beat you in a proper analogy test but yes, it’s not impossible for them to solve it.

7) They are a Singer:

People have this misconception that crows have a real bad voice. Well, in that case, you need to wait for spring and hear them sing no less than a cuckoo bird.

So, now you certainly don’t need to underestimate crows for they are equally and times much smarter than humans.

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