Reasons We Love Phoebe Buffay To The Core!

Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe Buffay is one of the most eccentric and peculiar characters we have ever seen. But that does not make us love her any less.Phoebe Buffay

She is an odd ball in her squad, and this makes her stand out and all the more alluring. Her weirdness makes us roll on the floor laughing and love her more than ever. Here are some reasons that prove F.R.I.E.N.D.S. would be incomplete without Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe Buffay
1. She is strong and an independent woman: She had had a terribly hard childhood but she still manages to be as fine as ever. Despite tough times, she lives independently supporting herself.

2. She is brutally honest: No matter what, she will speak her heart out without a care in the world. She won’t help if she didn’t want to or she would tell Chandler she thought he was gay. (Not that she couldn’t lie, she could do that well too!)

3. She always stands up for her family and friends: She always helps everyone out. She is selfless and considerate. Whether it’s giving birth to her brother’s triplets, helping Joey learn French or sort Rachel and Monica’s cat-fights, she is always there.

4. She is super comfortable with herself: She always follows her passion effortlessly without the fear of being judged. She oozes confidence. She would sing and play the guitar no matter what, choose and be creative with her name and run the way she wished to.

Phoebe Buffay
5. She has her own beliefs: She is clear and precise about her feelings. She believes in Santa Claus and that friends are for life and that a cat is her mother. She is against destroying nature and discourages killing of animals. She always stands for her ideology and has her priorities straight.

Phoebe Buffay
6. She is wise: She always has the best advice and theories to share. She knows how to use and reuse stuff, has powerful comebacks and always has a logical point.

7. She is optimistic: She has a positive attitude towards life and is always jolly. She is the coolest among them and is not afraid to accept her unpleasant past. She is realistic about life. She is herself all the time and does everything that gives her happiness.
Phoebe Buffay
8. She is street-smart: She is a know-it-all. She can do anything and everything and is always eager to learn new stuff.

9. It’s never a good idea to mess with her: She knows how to take care of herself and take a stand. She knows a way out of every situation and handles her life with certitude.
10. She ends up with the nice guy: No matter how many weird choices she had and weird guys she dated, we are glad she ended up with a guy she deserved. (Though we all secretly wished for Joey and Phoebe to hook up)

11. Last but not the least, we love her songs: Her songs are amazingly weird and too hilarious to be forgotten. And oh! How can we forget the tunes! (PS: I meant the tune!)
Phoebe Buffay
Phoebe Buffay is the most unpredictable of all and it’s always a treat to watch her. She may be the weirdest but we still love her to the core!

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