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10 reasons why being a girl is awesome

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Are you a girl? If yes, then you should be proud of being so. Girls are regarded as Goddesses in our country. Girls are the gifts of God. Don’t you believe it? Read on to find out the various advantages and privileges that women enjoy!

Here are some of the reasons why being a girl is awesome:-

  • Live Longer – Research has proven that girls live longer than boys. There is a difference of almost 5 years. Yes, girls are expected to live five years longer than boys. Research shows that a girl born in 2012 is expected to have a life expectancy of 81.2 years while a boy born in the same year has a life expectancy of 76 years; that is five years longer than boys.

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  • Given Special Care – In a family, a girl child is given the utmost care and is really pampered. With your boyfriend, you would feel like the queen of the World as you are not expected to pay bills, you can say whatever you want, you have a hold on him, he brings gifts for you and does whatever he can do to make you feel special.
  • Special Treatment – As a woman, you will be given special treatment in Offices. For example, people offer you a chair, open doors for you in offices. You are given a special compartment in Metro, reserved seats in other public transports. Have you started to feel lucky yet?

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  • Different choices – As a young woman, you have many choices in your hands, especially when it comes to clothing, colors, and hairstyles. Your wardrobe contains different types and varieties of dresses- frock, denim, shorts, Capri, palazzo, etc., which is not possible for men. You even have different options with the hairstyle. You can do a pony, plate your hair, make a bun, fold, press, etc. Ultimately, you are at the sale of choices.
  • Makeup and Beauty Care products – You have a range of make-up and beauty care products to choose from. You have the option to pick Kajal, Mascara, and eye-liner for your eyes, lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm for your lips. Even the number of creams, soaps, shampoos, and conditioners will make you go ‘WOW.’

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  • Relaxation in Punishment – Yes, being a female, you are at the advantage of escaping from cruel, severe punishments. In school, if you are asked to stand outside the class for a mistake you made, a boy is slapped for the very same mistake.  Thus, girls escape the ultimate humiliation in school.
  • Advantage of ‘Ladies First’ Rule – You may have heard this rule before and even might have taken advantage of this rule. When in a queue, you are often offered to go first by a boy or while standing in a bus or any other public transport you are offered a seat. Isn’t that awesome?
  • Can Cry – Being a girl, you can cry your heart out. Crying is not considered a weakness for girls; meanwhile, if a boy cries, he is deemed weak. So you are at an advantage of showing your emotions.

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  • Friendly Legal Provisions – Yes, for you, there are many provisions made by the government—for example, laws against violence. You have many policies to promote yourself; for example- you are given special reservations in every public enterprise. You even have reserved seats in parliament. Isn’t that great?
  • Emotional Blackmail – You can easily blackmail anyone. It would be best if you had a little bit of glycerine, yes you thought right, tears. Tears can do wonders for you. Just cry once, and all will pamper you like a child.

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These are just a few advantages to start with. Trust me when I say that women enjoy many more advantages in life. You can talk whatever you want and can get angry for the silliest of things. Boys don’t enjoy as many advantages as we do. Therefore, you should be proud of being a girl. Because being a girl is awesome!!



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