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10 Reasons Why Fat People are Awesome

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There are a lot of stereotypes about being fat all around the world. Fat people are mocked and called names everywhere. But is being fat really that bad?

Here are 10 reasons why being fat is awesome!

1. If there is ever an apocalypse on the earth fat people will survive more days 


Let’s assume a hypothetical situation of an apocalypse on the earth. Fat people will survive more days compared to thin ones. The fat in the body will act as an energy source– thanks to the flaps which they have in their body.

2. Fat people are cute


You got to agree fatness is directly proportional to cuteness. With big cheeks and plum body, fat people look cute whilst everything they do. People love to pull your cheek, play with your chubby hands because they are soft and cute. Ever seen that being done to a thin person?

3. Fat people get attention everywhere


When you walk on the street, no matter what you wear or what you do, people will always be staring at you. And I tell you– fat people do not have to go nude or act crazy in public to get attention. We get attention without doing anything.. Literally anything.

4. We feel less cold during winter

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Thanks to those extra pounds we, fat people have on our body, we feel less cold during winter. While your thin friends are all clad in thick fluffy winter jackets sipping tea to make them feel warm, you can walk around with swag in trouser, hoodie, and your XXL t-shirt.

5. No one messes with us


Everyone knows fat people aren’t the ones to mess with. Thanks to our size!
We can go to parties and clubs undisturbed because people know when they mess with us, they are going to get hurt really bad.
And well during fights, we are less likely to break our bones, thanks to our extra padding.

6. We can dress comfortably


This is true for fat girls. This saves us from tight dresses which are always uncomfortable to wear. We can walk in an over-sized t-shirt, jeans, a t-shirt and still look cute.
The bright side is our dresses will still fit us even when we lose weight.

7. We tend to be carefree eaters


Pizza, burger, French fries, sausages, ice cream, and what not? Without feeling guilty, we tend to eat anything and everything. We don’t get freaked over the extra slice of pizza we just had…And in no way, we are going to run a mile to burn that.

8. We are funny


Thanks to the stereotype, everybody expects a joke or two from a fat person. This makes us work very hard to build our sense of humor. We hence, crack a lot of jokes around and have an awesome sense of humor.

9. Being fat has health benefits

Being fat does have health benefits. Researches have shown that fat people are at less risk for rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, and a strong immune system.
Also, research has shown being overweight means you have better stamina during sex. So there!

10. Fat people have good skin


Ever seen fat people getting wrinkles sooner in the face? Well no. Thanks to adipose tissues in our face, we get wrinkles late compared to thin people.
Also, we tend to have glowing, flawless skin with fewer pimples.

Originally posted 2015-10-28 18:00:11.

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  1. It’s also funny how people freak out when you get fat and keep on getting fatter, it makes their heads explode especially if you say you have no plans to diet. 🙂


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