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5 Awesome Reasons Why Mondays are Great

Annie Spratt

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Reasons why mondays are great. We all are aware of the Monday fuss; Monday comes once in every week, and so do Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and other days of the week, then why only Monday is a dreadful day? Maybe because nobody likes getting back to the grind after a chilling weekend.

Okay, I know it comes after Saturday and Sunday what you love, but how about you start enjoying your every day, regardless of your situation?
And What if MONDAY was the best day of the week! What if we have it all wrong?

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Mondays are going to come round you just can’t wish the whole week away until you get to the weekend if you do that then you are going to wish your whole life away, and I don’t want that for you because that’s rubbish.

It’s not Mondays that you hate, it’s your job, it’s whats going on in your world at that time. Now the good thing is you can change it wherever you are; whatever you are doing, however, you seem to be; you can change it, you can change where you are, you can change what you are doing, you can change how you are, you can change your situation.

Start to appreciate the good. If you’re in a job you hate, fair enough we’ve all been; we had to do things that we didn’t necessarily want to do but just work out how you’re going to get out of that condition if you don’t like it there’s a way might be hard. Still, there is a way so start planning how to build your empire in your spare time outside of your current situation.

Now I’m not flippant about that, and all that can be hard when you need money at that time, and you’re in survival mode I get that, but if you’ve got the desire for change then you can change I believe you can do it; even if you’re not sure yet I think you can change it if you’re not happy with it

If your whining and moaning about Monday morning are that you don’t want to go to your job or you don’t want to do what you’ve got to do, then you can change it.
Make these choices every Monday, and I promise you, Monday will become your new Friday.

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Another reason why people hate Mondays might be because it’s easy to hate what others hate, too, like there are stickers and posts ready for the Monday mornings sharing the pain of waking up on a Monday or persistent ambitions to crush Monday goals.

Read this ahead, and you will get to know five reasons why Mondays are great; hence will start adoring your Mondays just like your weekends.

5 Reasons Why Mondays are Great

Now let’s get into the five reasons why Mondays are great and tremendous and start adoring the Mondays hence your work, your life, and make a statement.

1) Fresh Start.

The first reason why Mondays are great is Fresh Start. Monday is like a RESET button, its the first day of the week. This first working day is a new week, a unique chance to do something good and something exciting.

It presents the promise of a new adventure, a chance to shine, and another opportunity to take your game, whatever that game may be, to the next level.

Why not take Mondays as a beginning of a new seven-day journey and look forward to it with our head held high? It’s entirely up to you how you grab this golden opportunity; either you can be productive or can be a lazy head.

It’s the perfect time to make new goals and start working on them. Apart from this, you must analyze your mistakes from the previous week and learn from the same.

It’s a whole full week of possibilities in new beginnings. If you start seeing a Monday like that, then you are going to wake up excited and never going to say, “why Monday?”.

2) Stand Out

Stand Out is a secretive point out of the reasons why Mondays are great. It’s the fact that everyone’s around is lazy on a Monday morning. As most of them overslept during the weekend, which makes them dull; hence you have the opportunity to be different.

Declare what your life is for; make it something extraordinary.
Everyone is grumpy and lazy, and you have a magnificent chance to stand out varied, active, and productive.

Invest your weekend with activities like yoga and meditation or opt for a spa in a saloon to keep you relaxed as well as active by which you can stand out different for the Monday, work hard as well as smart and be productive, unlike others.

Don’t waste your weekends as most people do, and thus you will see the magic; your Monday mornings will become so refreshing that you will shine bright like a star.

3) Restocked and Ready to Rumble

Many-a-times, people visit a grocery or a clothing store during the weekends or get their laundry done on Saturdays and Sundays, which fills up their stocks. They are all ready to brag off their clothes and share tasty food with their friends at work on their first working day.

Restocking your food and clothes will make you excited and delighted for your Monday mornings and your week ahead.
For me, this is like greedy motivational reasons why Mondays are great.

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4) A Day for MISTAKES

Mondays are a day for mistakes. If you’re going to make a mistake (and let’s be real, mistakes happen all the time), make it on a Monday, because that way, you have the rest of the week to fix it, instead of worrying all weekend that by the time Monday rolls around, that mistake will be irreversible.

So, ready to make mistakes?!

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5) A State of Mind

State of Mind is the primary point out of all the reasons why Mondays are great, i.e., try to change the meaning of Monday to something motivational and inspirational.

We all know its all about the mind game; what you think is what you feel and is the message sent to the universe that you want it; hence by the law of attraction, you get what you think.

I can also frame it as whatever thought your work upon; you can achieve it if you are consistent and pure with your thought; most importantly, if you doubtless about your idea, no power can stop you from making what you want.

So if you think Mondays are fantastic and you have a lot of reasons why Mondays are great, then the universe is going to accept that and make your Mondays rather your everyday awesome.

If you are like the majority, you’ll view Monday as just another day in a long slew of meaningless calendar spaces.

But, if you choose to see Monday as a clean slate, a new shot at improving yourself and your station and becoming more reliable, faster, healthier, and better, the first day of the week will no longer look like one of Tim Burton’s creations.

Now, I would like to conclude the reasons why Mondays are great. Firstly as already mentioned, make your Mondays as a fresh start, a reset button and bring unique new ideas into form and win hearts.

Secondly, plan an hour session of yoga and meditation for your weekends to stand out and make a statement with your uncomparable energy and excitement.

Apart from this, buy the grocery or clothes you wanted to, but couldn’t make time during the week. Thus, get set ready to rumble the first working day.

The foremost reason out of the five reasons why Mondays are great is to set your mind to plan mistakes for Mondays, and hence you have a full week’s energy to correct and learn from your mistakes efficiently.

Last but not least, a state of mind; make your Mondays an electrifying, motivational state of mind like you have made your weekends fun and chilling state of mind.

Commence by appreciating your Mondays, your work, and your life and start being grateful and blessed to have all your physical and mental body at its best, and you have a roof over your head, a house to live. Thank God for being this grateful to you!

Follow this for one week, and you will see the magic, you will begin to attract the positive and will start to be fruitful.
You should wake up on a Monday and tell yourself that today is your day, you are going to make your projects successful.

If you start seeing a Monday like that then you are going to wake up excited not like our Monday moaning lover stop them, tell you that Monday mornings of rubbish.
Have a great Monday. Have a fantastic Monday or Mondays.

Forget this; forget about waiting for the Fridays! And start practicing, “Thank God for its Monday!”.

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