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10 Reasons Why Rock Musicians Are Different From Others


I have been writing for ICY TALES’ ‘music’ category, or I would say it has been more about ‘guitar’ and its ‘technicalities’ for a long time now. This time, I want to write about the lost people in this beautiful deep ocean of melody and notes. These are a group of people that are more unusual and difficult to understand. These are the ROCK ARTISTS around the world.

Here are 10 reasons why Rock musicians are different from other professionals:-

1. Face a tight slap of failure

My loyal readers from other professions might feel that everyone faces this, but I feel that the slap of failure is much tighter.

The boys from American Rock Band LINKIN PARK faced rejections from around 38 record companies. They ultimately got signed up by WARNER BROS RECORD, and guess what: they are now called the pioneers of today’s rock genre.


Not all of them, but many rock artists face ego problems. They have an ego that is way ahead of anyone else. They can not tolerate things done against them. Due to this ego problem, many big bands have broken over the years.

METALLICA’S drummer LARS ULRICH is well known for his egoistic attitude.


History is evidence that musicians have suffered great pain in their lives because they lose their parents early or due to financial problems. These are just a few problems to name. Maybe that’s why their music is truly touchy. Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK says that songs like Numb, Somewhere I belong, and Crawling comes from his heart very naturally.

4. Love for their work

They love what they do, and continue to do what they love. Their love for music is immense and it is something for which they have sacrificed everything.

5. Organized

Psychologists have revealed that people who taste heavier and complex music are way more organized than people who listen to pop and other catchy music.

6. Possessive about their genre of music

The community of this particular genre is very possessive about their music. I am not just talking about the musicians but also the fans who are very loyal to the genre. Particularly death metal listeners are very loyal fans.


This has been a very common habit among vocalists and instrumentalists who are into Rock Music. They feel that their creativity is more enhanced after they have consumed drugs.

Legendary Blues Rock guitarist JIMI HENDRIX died from the overconsumption of cocaine and medicines.


Practice, practice and practice is what they believe. They work really hard to fulfil their passion and wait for their success to speak for their hard work and determination. They spend a lot of time practising their instrument.

Kirk Hammett of giant thrash metal band METALLICA practices 16 hours a day!


Rock Artists are generally lost in their own world and like to remain out from everything else. They rarely have an extroverted personality and keep themselves involved in their own personal lives.


Rock musicians are always hungry for music.


All that being said, every music genre is unique in its own way, and we must all take out our time to appreciate the individuality of every genre of music.

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