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10 Reasons Why Sex Is Beneficial For You

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Disclaimer: If you’re below 18 years of age, I suggest you don’t continue reading. If you’re absolutely rebellious and are going to read the rest of this post anyway, I figured I can’t stop you. Just don’t tell your parents about this post. Deal? Deal.

By nito/ Shutterstock

I bet the word ‘SEX’ caught your attention. Aren’t you smiling? Gotcha!

It is honestly not a big deal. It’s okay to talk about ‘it’ in public. Nothing abnormal about it, right? It’s absolutely essential for us to rid our minds of any presupposition regarding the same and just talk it out. Getting to the point, sex has more benefits than you know. You’ll find out that love-making has more pros than just pleasure. Here’s how:

1. It keeps your immunity strong.

Studies have proved that sexually-active people are more immune to germs, viruses and other intruders than people who don’t indulge much in much of this activity.


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This certainly does not mean you NEED to have sex in order to acquire a better immune system or that you have to completely rely on sex for better immunity. Of course, you’re going to have to eat right and exercise often.

2. Stress-buster from Sex!

Sex absolutely soothes your mind, unleashing all the stress that you’ve been stacking up inside you.


It is known that the soothing effect lasts longer than any dark chocolate, ice cream or dessert. What more do you want?

3. It’s a way of working out!

Sex burns a lot of calories, right? You do burn a lot of calories in the whole process, thereby reducing the number of hours that you set aside for working out. Win-win, yeah? 😀

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It also tones your body, since it’s a way of working out.

4. Prevention of prostate cancer.

Studies have indeed proven that the risk of prostate cancer decreases significantly due to the hormones released during orgasms.


A very welcomed sex benefit, right? Yep!

5. Better sleep!

Well of course, after all the exercise and the burning of calories, you’re tired. Not only tired, but you’re now more relaxed and stress free. Who doesn’t sleep better when you’re tired and relaxed at the same time, right?

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Getting some much needed good night’s sleep will help you wake up happy next morning, ready to face the world!

6. Increased levels of certain beneficial hormones.

In men, sexual activity involves the work of the hormone testosterone. This hormone makes them feel like the boss in bed and not only that, it significantly improves their bones and muscles, keeps their heart functioning well, thereby improving their overall health.

In women, the hormone estrogen protects them against heart disease, thereby keeping them fit and healthy.

7. An effective pain reliever.

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Suffering from head ache or stomach ache? Well good news for you! Sex releases oxytocin 5x times more than usual. It’s the same hormone that is released in high amounts when you fall in love or kiss someone you love. This hormone relieves people from pain and aches. YAY!

8. Glowing skin.


Ever woken up the next morning and wondered why your skin looks so much better, gushing with blood and happiness? Well, it isn’t a part of your imagination. Glowing skin is a part of the whole arousal process, which involves relaxation and stress-relieving.

9. Terrible cramps during periods? This point will make you happy!


Sex is proven to diminish the pain during a period cramp attack. Cramps occur due to the tension of the muscles. Sex is known to relieve this tension, therefore relieving the pain.

10. Bid farewell to depression!

Sex causes your brain to release the ‘happy hormone’, serotonin. It is indeed the body’s natural anti-depressant that helps bust depression. WIN!

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Overall, sex has more to it than just pleasure-making. Of course, it is always advisable for one to use his/her personal discretion with regard to the person he/she wishes to have sex with and the methods that are going to be used. Use your preferred type of protection and stay safe!

One trending method these days to enjoy lovemaking more is through the use of sex toys. Not only it is safe but it surely makes sex more creative and unforgettable. One site that is worth a try is loveplugs.co


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