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5 Reasons Why You Should Date At Least Once!


I know, most of us still believe that we have a person who is supposed to be our soul mate, but to find that one person, we have to go through a pool, a.k.a the DATING POOL.

Interesting right!

To survive that pool, you should know at least a little about dating. Today, I would like to point out a few advantages of dating. Yes, it is important to date, even if it is just for that one time.

Advantage 1

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It’s good for health, and you know why. You do know why right?

Advantage 2


What do you fear most when you get acquainted with someone, the mighty heartbreak.

Well, here, my friend is a solution for that; dating involves a non-vocab, non-serious, cholesterol-free healthy relationship. No attachments.

You don’t have to yell every second that you are in love; you are not supposed to be love birds. You and your dating partner give each other all the space that you would like.

It’s like having pizza, soft and tasty!

Since there is no direct connection, no heartbreak!

Advantage 3


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Dating is the best fit for you if you like getting to know new people.

You can put it in this way; it’s psychological. You get to study (geeky) your fellow mate. You can study their personality trait, their level of thinking, and more.

They say it’s all about the experience. Indeed it is.

Dating will help you understand what you truly want in your partner.

You’ll know about the world and make smart decisions.

Sounds like doing a PhD right? It kind of is.

Advantage 4


Why so serious?

You will learn to become casual. On certain non-approving things, you will be like, “ignore Kar yar” (ignore it).

Better than fighting.

And you don’t have to get offended; neither applied to your partner. If even then, it doesn’t work out, you have the option to touch down. End it and move on. There are so many fishes left in the sea!

Advantage 5

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A free will. Very important these days, you know. No one wants to compromise with their independence and freedom.

So there it is; you get to be original. You don’t have to think about how your partner will react to everything you do or don’t do. Dating is the acceptance phase of a relationship; get to know the person, get involved with them and their activities. Dating will make you emotionally strong; things won’t bother you as your heart isn’t involved.

You can be yourself without the fear of being judged.


So what are you waiting for? Find yourself a partner, and don’t be afraid to date.

Allow yourself to find someone better without getting hurt!

Dating is fun!


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