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8 Reasons Why You Should Date Your Best Friend


You would have heard this before: ‘Passion fades, but friendship lasts forever.’

So here are the top 8 reasons why best friends also make the most fantastic lovers! Read on.

1.Better communication

There will be no communication gaps between the closest friends, thus minimising the risk of misunderstandings caused by a lack of communication. After all, you can always open up and pour your heart out to your best friend!

2.They know what you like

Being your best friend, they already know everything about you, including your likes and dislikes. The same is also true for the other way round. And therefore, there is no need for the hair-splitting worries about the perfect birthday gift, and you can always be sure to receive the awesomest gifts that you have always wanted!

3.No awkward dates

Because, of course, best friends would never run out of topics to talk about, right? This saves you those awkward date moments when neither of you knows what to say next, and both of you are too shy to initiate the conversation.

4.Long-term commitment

They’re your closest friends in the entire universe! You know everything there is to know about them. This makes it easier (and safer) to make a long-term commitment to such a person, than to someone you have recently met and don’t know much about. After all, you gotta make sure you’ll be able to tolerate that person once the first flush of romance is over!

5.Being yourself

With your best friend, you can be just who you are, all the time! There is no need to go out of your way to impress them, simply because it won’t work! They already know exactly what kind of a person you are, and they love you anyway! Not a fashion person? You can go on that date in a rumpled t-shirt and jeans. God knows your friend has already seen you in worse, and vice versa! Who’re they gonna judge?

6.No secrets

Being best friends, there are already no secrets between you. You both know rather too intimately all the skeletons in each other’s closets. So just in case you ever feel the need to kill someone, you can always count on your friend to help you hide the body! Who would not want that in a relationship?

7.Similar interests

Dating your bestie, you’ll never feel the lack of a willing ear to listen to you gush about the latest episode of Sherlock or obsess over your favourite comic character. How great is that for a relationship high?! You could never bore one another, no matter how freakishly obsessed you got, because they too are exactly your weird!

8.Parental Approval

Last but not the least, dating your best friend comes with the bonus benefit of ready-made parental approval. I mean, you’ve been hanging out with them since time immemorial anyway. There’s no way your parents don’t know all about them already. And if they were cool with you being locked at the hips as friends, they’d most likely be cool with you being just as inseparable as partners!

If you have had a crush on your best friend for a while now, then this is your sign to take that friendship to another level!

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