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Reasons Why You Should Spend As Much Time with the Elderly As You Can

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Grandparents are like the shadow of the large trees that protect everything under it, they’re like the birds that keep their kids safe under their wings. They spend their days thinking about how to ease our lives in every possible way, isn’t it our duty to do at least half of what they do for us?

·They are this reservoir of life experiences and knowledge

They have had more years than you’ve had, they’ve gone through all those stages of life you yet have to face, they know better than you, admit it. Now, I’m not talking about tech knowledge and computers, had they had it in their time, they’d probably be better than us even at it. They’ll have solutions to all your life problems and a mere conversation with them can give you a glance of that bigger picture and calm those nerves.

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·They are sweeter than the sweetest sweets

Yes, some of them can be a little strict and hard with their words, but it’s mostly out of their love for you (unless you’ve possibly harmed them in any way, then they can be savage). Grandmas always have the best recipes and snacks ever ready and grandpas are just super adorable people who are so ready to buy you stuffs or give you those extra cents (Hussshh). They just love seeing you smile.

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My grandparents are vegetarians, but when we go visiting them, they buy, cook and serve fish with such bright smiles and zero uneasy looks, just one example why they’re sweeter than the sweetest sweets!

·You’ll fill their lives with a little more happiness

They’re retired, they’ve had everything in their lives that humans possibly look forward to, and they don’t have further things to look for in the future, their lives are pretty stable and single floored. They’re mostly surrounded by their co-elderly people, talking about their sicknesses and medicines and stuff. Your presence, your love towards them, your stories can be exactly what they might need to feel a little more livelier, feel the youth back again, through you. Give that to them.

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·They’re amazing story tellers

They have the most amusing stories, always! Be it their real life stories or fairy-tale fables, their stories can always catch hearts. Be it children or teens or adults, they have something for everyone in their huge collection. And the way they narrate it! It’s just the right amount of emphasis, just the right kinds of emotions and just the right tones, they’re expert storytellers. Plus, their life saving unique tips!

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·Aging is actually a reverse process

The elderly are actually like kids. The way their young selves raise and take care of their children while they’re kids, the same needs to be done when they grow old. They need all that love and care and support when they’re in the rather helpless stage of their lives. It’s our duty to take care of them and see to it that they spend their retired and resting days on this earth rather peacefully.

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