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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Montreal

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From its fascinating history to its vibrant arts and culture scene, more than 10 million tourists from across the globe head to Montreal each day. Whether it’s for a business trip, a romantic break with their partner, or a family vacation, the city is full to the brim with exciting activities, attractions, and excursions that can make your trip to Montreal one you won’t forget in a hurry!

Before you head off to Montreal, getting an idea of what the city is all about should be your first step. With that in mind, here are 10 reasons why Montreal should be next on your travel list.


Restaurants for Every Budget and Taste

Whether you’re on the hunt for a bargain for the family, or looking for somewhere a little more upmarket, you will have no trouble finding tasty cuisine when in Montreal. With more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in North America, there are a wide array of restaurants, cafés, and bars that serve up some of the tastiest grub that the city has to offer. If you’re on a family vacation, the Eaton Centre food court has tons of budget-friendly meals that will appeal to everyone’s taste buds. If you’re in Montreal for a romantic getaway, a visit to Altitude 737 is a must. With sky-high views and a bar-disco-dining complex, you can take in the glorious Montreal skyline with your partner.

Live Music

Montreal is known for its legendary music scene. No matter where you head to in the city, there are plenty of clubs, bars, and open mic nights that play host to some of the best homegrown talent that Montreal has to offer. Whether you’re a fan of heavy metal, indie, hip hop, or jazz, doing a little bit of research before you head to the city will make sure that you find an establishment that is to your taste. Some of the most popular music venues in Montreal include the Bell Centre, Club Soda, Theatre Fairmount, and Rialto Theatre.

Superb Shopping

Montrealeans are known for their love of style and fashion, meaning it should come as no surprise to learn that the city has a huge selection of retail destinations to check out and explore. If you’re looking to find a new piece for your closet, or you want to buy a souvenir for a loved one, you must start your adventure at the Eaton Centre, which houses a whole host of clothing stores, eateries, and even a wax museum! Throughout the city, there are many quirky boutiques and independent stores where you can pick up a memento to remember your trip.

Festivals Galore

With 90 festivals taking place throughout Montreal across the year, for those who want to soak up the atmosphere and see what makes the city so special, checking event listings should be your first port of call. Some of the most popular festivals that draw in attendees from across the globe include the International Jazz Festival. Taking place between June and July, over 3,000 artists from more than 30 countries head to Montreal, playing hundreds of concerts across the city, and welcoming over 2 million tourists. 


Museums for Everyone

If you’re passionate about art, or history is more your thing, you will find plenty of attractions and landmarks to keep you occupied throughout your time in Montreal. For example, the Musée d’Art Contemporain houses a huge selection of exhibitions, showcasing some of the finest pieces of art in the country. Plus, if you visit the museum on the first Friday of the month, there are guided tours, a bar service, and live music to enjoy. For those heading to Montreal with little ones, there are numerous kid-friendly spots, such as the Planetarium, and the Environment Canada’s Biosphere. 

Plenty of Places to Stay

Whether you’re visiting Montreal for a short city break or a lengthy vacation, the city offers a wide variety of accommodation options. From budget bed-and-breakfasts to high-end hotels, you are sure to find a place to stay that’s within your budget. If you’re after a downtown location that is connected to the metro, you may want to try the Marriott Chateau Champlain. You may also be interested in renting an apartment for your stay or using providers like Airbnb. 

Surprises Around Every Corner

What makes Montreal so special with tourists is that no two neighborhoods are the same. When taking a stroll through the city, there is always something fascinating lurking around the corner, such as chic boutiques, quirky restaurants, or charming staircases. No matter how long you have in Montreal, make sure to set some time aside to head out on foot which will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of city life.

Friendly Locals

Montrealeans are known to be a friendly bunch. If you’re new to travelling, going to a major city can be an overwhelming experience, however, there is always a local nearby who will be more than willing to help you. Whether you need directions, or need a restaurant recommendation, getting insider advice from a Montrealer will keep you one step ahead of the game and help you avoid any tourist traps. Like with any major city, it’s important that you stay on your guard at all times and stay alert of your surroundings.

Sparkling Winter Wonderland

If a winter trip to Montreal is on the cards, no trip to the city is complete without a visit to St-Jaques Cartier Square. Transforming itself into a winter wonderland and Christmas market, the square and city turns into a life-size snow globe! To get the most out of your experience, why not try skiing and sledding? There is also an outdoor electronic music festival that takes place in the winter called Igloofest that you may want to check out, where more than 10,000 revelers dance the night away, regardless of the drop in temperature!

Thriving Nightlife

While you need to be 18 to legally drink in Montreal, there are some clubs, pubs, and bars who will not admit those under 21 years of age. However, the city of Montreal has a reputation for being one of the most liveliest cities across the whole of North America, so if you like the idea of dancing the night away, there are plenty of choices to pick from which play music spanning every genre you could possibly think of. 

Book Your Flight

With so many exciting attractions and events to partake in, your next step should be to book your flights to Montreal. You may want to consider checking out regional airlines like Porter Airlines. Not only do they provide round trip flights, the company offer 32” seating pitch which will give you more leg room, as well as spacious, full-height interiors. There are also free snacks and drinks that you can have onboard, which can set the scene for a great trip away to Montreal. 

Whether you’re travelling to Montreal for business or leisure, there are so many fun things to see and do in the city. If you’re in Montreal for a matter of days, or have a bit more time to explore, you are bound to find an activity or attraction that will keep you occupied throughout your trip. 


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