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11 Reasons Why You Should Watch TVF: Pitchers!


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The IMDb‘s summary of TVF Pitchers says it is a story of trials and tribulations of four young entrepreneurs who quit their day jobs to pursue their startup venture. But TVF Pitchers isn’t just about these four people. It is about everyone. Everyone tired of their job, everyone who wants to quit and everyone who wants to start afresh.

On being asked a question on Quora as to why one should watch TVF Pitchers, there came a brilliant answer which is as follows: “Watching TVF Pitchers is like getting drunk. While watching it, you will feel it’s decent enough. But after a particular episode is over, you’ll be thrown into a nasty hangover: its scenes and dialogues will flash upon your inward eye, and you won’t be able to help but laugh.

You will start appreciating the intricate details of the screenplay, and you will start figuring out why “that” character said “that” thing.” No wonder the answer got 9.3k upvotes! TVF Pitchers has created a new trend of sorts among youngsters, i.e., coming out of the bottle and free-flowing like the beer. Pitchers’ impact has created an enormous impact amongst the audience, and that is why I have come up with certain reasons why one should watch TVF Pitchers!

1. It Is On The Internet.

TVF Pitchers is streamed on the internet. That means it is not filled with advertisements and is accessible to all. It’s for free, so you don’t need a special pack on your Tata Sky or Dish TV to watch it. You can watch it for eternity and feel glad about it. You can pause it, replay it, and that’s the best part. Basically, anyone can watch it anytime, anywhere.

2. Perfect Timing!

Pitchers had come at the right time when the Indian viewers were bored and frustrated with mainstream Indian shows. It is like a breath of fresh air. It is faster, funnier, and more relatable. By setting a benchmark, TVF has actually raised our expectations. We are eagerly waiting for them to come up with the second season of Permanent Roommates and Pitchers. The series’ release timing played a vital role in its popularity because of Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Silicon Vally and his ambitious project called “Startup India”. The series’ widespread acclaim is also because of the arrival of the startup culture in India.

3. Unique Concept and Catchy Storyline.

The theme of Pitchers is entrepreneurship, a theme that is still a virgin in India. TVF left behind all cliches and explored the uniqueness of entrepreneurship. It is not just about opening your own startup. The aspirations, struggles have been rightfully reflected in the show. The challenges that today’s youth faces in the IT industry, their monotonous life, the million dreams that get shattered because of the orthodox Indian society which dreams of a “secure job” rather than a “dream job“. This situation is so beautifully expressed as Jeetu (the coder) is afraid to tell his father about him leaving his high-paid senior software developer’s job to follow his dreams. The show captures your attention, mind, and soul within minutes, and the attachment created within 5 episodes speaks a ton about how great the show is.

4. Pragmatic Direction.

TVF Pitchers is a facepalm to the overly dramatic, melodramatic Indian television serials which have no connection with reality. Comparing the sets of Pitchers with any Indian television series will make you question the very existence of Ekta Kapoor’s serials, and you will be forced to ask yourself, “Where was TVF all this while!?”. The direction, as well as the sets, are true-to-life. This show has no haveli-like houses or hideously-dressed and cake-faced women, but just plain reality. Every scene has been directed with perfection, and you’ll feel as if everything has come to life. The minute and impressive detailing steal the show.

5. Captivating Script.


The series is easily relatable, and that has only been possible because of the well-crafted script. The script brings out the truth of life, live on screen. The characters, their dilemmas, their decisions, their monotonous jobs, their dreams and aspirations, their fears and insecurities are so relatable that you feel it’s your story being told. The connection you feel while watching Pitchers is too real to be true. The script has done justice to every character and situation those characters faced. Naveen’s breakup with Shreya, Jeetu’s now-strained relationship with his father, Mandal’s newfound friendship with Yogi and Jeetu’s anger in the last episode are some situations that create a place in the viewer’s heart forever.

6. Brilliant Acting.

The main characters in the show, Naveen, Yogi, Mandal and Jeetu, are flawless and true-to-life. You never feel like you are watching the series, but as if you are living it. Their comic timing, compatibility with each other is spot on! Usually, the side characters are not given much attention and lack acting skills. But this is not the case with Pitchers. Rastogi, Shreya (Naveen’s girlfriend), Soumya (Jeetu’s wife), Jeetu’s Papa, Gary (Bhujiawala), Dungeon Master have certainly left their mark. It does not come as a surprise that the series received an IMDb rating of 9.7!

You will feel that the actors were meant to play their roles.

7. Memorable Dialogues.

The main advantage of making a web-series is that there is no censorship, and this is what makes TVF Pitchers so much more memorable and, therefore, is the best aspect of the show. The dialogues are just amazing, from the catchy one-liners to the soulful conversations between the characters.

Although TVF is known for its humour, this series stands apart. Every dialogue is worth remembering and being used in different situations. Some like “Is Desh ke graduates apni 9-5 jobs se bore hone lagte hain toh bahar nikalne ke liye keval 3 raste dikhte hain: MBA, IAS & Startup.” and “Entrepreneur banne ke liye spelling nahi yaar, spirit chahiye!” are brutally honest and true while others like “You can never convince a woman who gives you sex.” or “Tu tie kya baat kar raha hai? Coder chadde mein aa jaate hain.” will definitely make you cry while laughing. Biswapati Sarkar has yet again proved his prowess as a writer.

8. Exceptional Music.

The background score, like the script, is beautifully composed. The title track is addictive and has already become the ringtone for many people. The track which is played when Dungeon_Master is introduced is peppy and will get you grooving. The intensity of the music changes according to the intensity of the scenes. The dramatic and climax scenes have pretty intense background scores, and humorous scenes have lively and light-hearted music. It is in stark contrast with typical Indian television series music, usually dry, dull and uninspiring. Listening to TVF Pitchers’ music will make your body move with SWAG.

9. Witty and Intellectual Humour.

Pitchers have made us want more. More humour. Intellectual humour. You certainly do not need dialogues to laugh at while watching Pitchers since it is so well written and the actors have done an exceptional job. The satire which Pitchers carries is intense and amusing at the same time. The show mostly has ironical humour and scenes like smoking zone with a board saying “smoking is injurious to health” in Jeetu’s office and Yogi training his new employees by teaching them to “Never Quit” and then quitting his job himself, the very next moment are really well written. Mandal unknowingly adds comedy to every scene he is in. The scene where he goes for a blind date will surely make you laugh. Not to forget Rastogi and his sarcastic remarks on everything, including his previous startups.

10. Priceless Life lessons.

TVF Pitchers is not just a web-series. It is not something captured in a parallel universe. It is a lesson for everyone. A lesson that dreams do come true. All quotes that come at the starting of every episode teaches us something. Something incredibly valuable: To never quit. To achieve something, you need to get out of your comfort zone. The boundaries of your life are mere, creation of the self. A lesson that little contribution to the support of your partner blossoms your relationships. A lesson that when you are talking about a start-up, your ‘TEAM’ is far more important than anything else, even more than your ‘IDEA’, which is precisely taught in every other entrepreneur workshop.

11. Because ‘Hum Sab Beer Hain’!

One can not beat the novelty of this line and its concept. Just 5 minutes into the show, and you realize, “Hum Sab Beer Hain”. Naveen is guided by his mentor and senior Bhati in the first episode, and the way Naveen ends up being a mentor to his junior shows that life is indeed a circle. What goes around comes back around. The “Tu Beer Hai” concept is indeed a reality. Our job is the ‘Bottle’ and we, the employees, are the ‘Beer’. Free to move, but we impose such restrictions on ourselves that we cannot come out of the bottle. Only TVF could come up with something so unique like this.


If you haven’t watched it yet, you are truly missing out on some classy Hindi entertainment, an inventive script with an immaculate screenplay, true-to-life characters and something applaudable to look up to. And if you have already watched it, you know you have made the right choice!

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