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5 Reasons Why Your Electric Guitar’s Sound Sucks


Electric guitars are a thrill to play; the distortion effects and processors have added spices to it. But the sound of these equipment sucks when they are not in the right hands.

So here are few reasons why your electric guitar is not sounding the way it should sound.

1.Muting techniques

If you have heard this technique for the first time, then seriously, you are missing the most important thing in your guitar learning process. Your distorted guitar parts can sound terrible (and I really mean it) if you don’t use the muting techniques to mute your electric guitar’s unwanted strings, which is very important when you are playing over an effect pedal. You can easily learn it from YouTube and get your guitar to sound much better.

2.Dissonant string bends

String bends are really good if you have that killer ability to use them. You may be trying to be as killer as other guitarists by bending guitar strings, but you may not be sounding that good. A tip for improving your guitar bends would be practising it by matching the notes on the next high string. You can also use a guitar tuner to ensure that you are hitting that right note when you are bending.

3.Poor vibratos

I am not supposed to discuss it because I am also struggling to get it right; my guitar instructor always gives a bad expression when I do it. Eric Clapton, the legendary blues guitarist, is renowned for his bending techniques; try copying him. I would always advise improving this essential guitar technique.

4.Intonated or untuned guitars

Intonation is the most irritating problem for a guitarist or any other instrumentalist playing a fretted instrument. It is basically the difference between the note of the open string and the 12th fret of the same string, which should match when your guitar is not intonated. You can also correct this problem in your guitar; I have done it too on my baby guitar using simple tools.

And untune guitars are the most known thing. You should also tune your guitar using a guitar tuner, have it in your effect/processor, or download the pitch-perfect software on your PC. I would recommend strings software on your phone, and those are accurate.

5.Poor and old guitars    

You need to buy a more professional guitar if you think it does not sound right; although you may be wrong in blaming the guitar for the bad sound, you can also be responsible. Take the advice of your guitar instructor, who has all the knowledge of the stuff. If your guitar is way too old or you brought a very cheap model, then you may face issues in your recordings. Good guitars can be bought at a price range starting from 25k for an intermediate guitar player, whereas, for a pro guitar player, the prices start from 60k-70k.


Another reason for your guitar not sounding good could be your guitar amplifier. A guitar amplifier plays a key role in giving a good sound to your guitar. MARSHALLS, FENDER, LINE6, LANEY ARE some of the best guitar amplifier companies that provide really good sound.


I hope this list is beneficial to you. If you have a friend who could benefit from this, please share this article with them.

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