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11 Reasons You Will Love a South Indian Girl

By Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko/ Shutterstock

She is confident, smart and gorgeous; she is a South Indian chick. For all those who’s got a south Indian girl for a girlfriend, count your blessings and for the rest buckle up while we list a few reasons on why you should definitely go for a South Indian girl.

1. Super Smart – South Indian Girl

By InesBazdar/ Shutterstock

She’ll never be a dumb blond, this one. You can count on her to think when you need her to do so. South Indian girls are usually the ones who we called ‘nerds‘ in school. Being good in ‘maths’ is something they genetically inherit.

2. You’ll never be bored – 

They love talking and not just about movies and gossip. You can always sit down with her and have a good intelligent conversation and still stay sane. If you have a south Indian girlfriend, feel blessed to have a smart friend with who you can discuss rocket science.

3. She cooks!

Popularity/ Shutterstock

If you decided to tie a knot with a southern Indian girl, there is one thing about her that can’t beat anything; her love for good food. Whether it’s Biryani or a crispy dosa or even a simple coffee she sure can make it better than anyone.

4. She is multi-talented

Most of the girls are good at either singing or dancing or both, It is hard to find a girl from the south who has no training in performing various art forms.

5. The culture bug

Soaked in traditional values from birth, she would surely surprise you with her knowledge about traditional values. She is never a home breaker due to her high moral and family values.

6. Easy to please

Books HD

Been having a hard time trying to please a girl? If she’s south Indian even a book would do the trick and make her eyes sparkle, you’ll never go broke ever again.

7. She is independent   

They’re never clingy and are always independent. It would be rare to see them in need of somebody’s help. Most of them are well educated, have good careers and are always financial independent and self-reliant.

8. Committed and open minded

The typical south Indian girl is committed to the people she loves and wouldn’t think twice before jumping in to be with you, you can always trust her.

9. You’ll probably end up a linguist


They know at least 4 languages since they have relatives everywhere and by the time you are into your fourth date you would have learned most of her language and started picking up the other ones that she knows too.

10. Calm and peace loving

Ever been with a girl who wouldn’t think twice before throwing her phone at you in anger? A south Indian girl would never do that; any raging bull stories don’t define South Indian girls. But be prepared for the ‘silent treatment’.

11.They are beautiful

By Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko/ Shutterstock

Sharp features and a curvy body? She’s probably south Indian! They are beautiful, especially when they wear sarees.

If you know a South Indian Girl, share it with her to remind her how wonderful she is.


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