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Retirement of ‘The Undertaker’: End of an era


By the very character of it, wrestling is a tale that never finishes. There can be cords of commas and synchrony but no end. However, WWE Wrestle mania 33 came to end on a rather sad and not so warm tone as one of the most classic and acclaimed professional wrestlers of all time, ‘The Undertaker’, declared his retirement.

The Final Fight

Subsequently, after the misfortune of being defeated by Roman Reigns, undertaker needed a little time to absorb the incident in. The defeat was the second wrestle mania loss in his entire career. Soon after, soaked in dark blue glossy light, the wrestler took out his gauntlet, his iconic hat, and the coat and put them in the middle of the ring and paraded down the slope and then disappeared, illustratively in the nameless world and actually on a pneumatic stage.

The dead Man has gone

This marked the most mournful finale of wrestle mania in the history of it. Thinking about it, it practically left with a feeling of someone dying. Not like the death of someone close but someone who was really good at their job and you loved looking them do their job, you took the pleasure for granted and now they’re gone. Yes, the dead man has gone, this time, forever.

the life of gimmick

Mark Calaway, popularly known as ‘The Undertaker’, was beyond limits dedicated to artifice his life. Though most of the wrestlers keep a low profile and not much is known about them but Calaway has always been exceptionally good at maintaining his gimmick. He never attended any TV shows because, of course, the ‘dead men’ don’t have much to talk about. His challenger, however, Roman Reigns, is the kind of wrestler who is very active socially. he epitomizes the new generation of pro wrestlers. He can be sighted on television shows smiling and talking about his work, he relates to his fans and carries his very personality which exists outside the wrestling arena as well.

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