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Richest Female Adult Film Stars

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The Porn industry makes more than $15 billion per year. Porn stars seem to have an easy life. Have sex, get money for that. But there is so much more to this profession. Porn industries exploit men and women to gain profit in the name of entertainment. Most of the time, the porn stars do not even get the share of the profit they deserve. Many of them have to face mental and physical abuse. Most get addicted to drugs and are destroyed by it. Because of piracy and free online porn, most of them have to take up second jobs to support themselves. In spite of all these, there are a few who know how to play their cards right in this industry and have successfully climbed their way up to the top. 

Here’s a list of the six richest female adult film stars: 

  • Jenna Jameson. Net Worth- $30 million

Often referred to as the ‘Queen of Porn’, Jenna Jameson is the richest and most popular porn star in the world. She has acted in 160 movies. She has done mainstream TV shows, movies, and radio shows. She launched Clubjenna.com, which earned an incredible amount of revenue each year until she sold it to Playboy for an undisclosed amount. She is not active in the adult industry now. She married Chuck Liddell, an ex-UFC Champion.


  • Tera Patrick. Net Worth- $15 million

Tera_Patrick_2010A model, a nurse, and an author, Tera also has a degree in microbiology. She stated that when she first joined this industry, she made millions for other people. Now, she makes millions for herself. Tera features as a nurse in most of her porn films and has done over 100 films. Now she owns her own production company and studio named Teravision.


  • Jesse Jane. Net Worth- $8 million

Jesse-Jane-herselfJesse Jane rose to fame pretty quick. She has starred in over 75 films. She has appeared on mainstream television: Entourage, Pirates, Night Calls. She is happily married and has a son. She has introduced her own line of sex toys, dolls. She also owns a tequila company.


  • Traci Lords. Net Worth- $7 million

9268281_origTraci Lords is known for being a singer, an actress and a writer with a shady past. She started her career as a nude model at 15 and had done over 100 adult films, most of which are illegal as she was underage then. She has cost millions to the industry for that.


  • Maria Takagi. Net Worth- $6 million

maria-takagi-00563215Maria Takagi used to be a Japanese pop star. Then she started modeling and acting. Nude photoshoots gave way to an erotic drama series. Then she debuted in ‘Super Star’ and was given five ‘Best Actress’ awards. She has worked in only 15 video series in the adult industry, that being enough for her to get this rich.


  • Bree Olson. Net Worth- $5 million

Bree Olson has dominated the industry for long. She has starred in over 230 films and now has toys modeled after her. She has appeared in music videos, TV shows, and magazine covers. She is mostly famous for being in a live-in relationship with Charlie Sheen.


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