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Roll Top : A New Technology


In Today’s generation, technology is growing faster than we can imagine. New technologies are coming forward with innovations. So, here is another innovation you would love to read about – Roll top: Future of Laptops.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you could roll up your laptops just like your yoga mat or a newspaper and open it with a press of a single button whenever you want? Yes, this Roll top can be folded like your newspaper and can be tucked under your arms. Isn’t that amazing? Orkin has designed this cool new concept. So, here are some features you really need to read.

1) Flexibility

The Roll Top is a flexible notebook that can be folded like a roll of paper, allowing the user the ultimate convenience of carrying and storing it even in a congested place.  The laptop with its flexible screen rolled up is a Roll top. It comes with an OLED display tower. It has all the features as compared to the laptop.

2) Stylish

This cool new concept-based laptop looks stylish. You can use it as a tablet, which means it will have a display like a mat and then either leave it flat or use the lower part as a virtual keyboard, i.e., as an on-screen keyboard.

3) Components

This roll-top is a 17-inch tablet, and when rolled up, it becomes an 11-inch laptop. It comes with the concept of bringing everything in one cylinder-shaped device, and a flat panel is wrapped around the cylinder.

It consists of speakers, a web camera, USB ports, LAN ports. A holding belt is attached to this rolltop, and it comes with a stylus pen.

4) Multi-Touch Screen

It comes with a multi-screen touch with the help of OLED Technology. You can even use it on a 17-inch TV screen. It has support on the back. With this, you can leave it up and watch a movie while waiting for an e-mail from your boss.

5) Easy to carry

Are you tired of carrying those heavy laptop bags? Now, this Roll top gives you relief from those bags. It comes with a strap attached to the Roll top, which helps you carry it with ease.

6) Light in weight

This Rolltop is less in weight. It is said to be the weight of a mini-notebook.

7) High Cost

The roll-top is difficult to manufacture, and it is assumed that it will have a higher cost and will have low-availability for the new tech lovers. But this notebook is loaded with so many new features and deserves to be high in price. Don’t you think so?

8) All-in-one product

The roll-top’s main goal was to combine the monitor and graphic tablet into one gadget and avoid additional accessories. It is a combo pack for all the users. It is the object of desire of any user who wants to stay connected and up to date with the new technology.  It can be your laptop or tablet, and if you are not satisfied with this option, you can also choose the monitor.

At last, it is just a concept. Developers are working on this product, and they want to make it available for you.



Ankita Aggarwal has contributed the article. She is doing B.tech from JECRC University. She believes, “Do whatever you really want to and make your life worth it.”



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