Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Rumors : Samsung’s Upcoming Smartphone Can Be Folded In Half

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Samsung has just taken the world of smartphones by storm. With flip phones being a thing of the past, Samsung is trying to review the trend by putting out a new concept device that can be folded in half and carried around without causing any damage to the display. Samsung is apparently preparing the new smartphone for release in January, according to

Samsung has already released a phone with a curved display, but this concept device apparently utilizes the flexible OLED display intuitively. You can fold the phablet device in half and turn it into a regular-sized smartphone and revert to its original state when you want more real estate for media consumption or if you want to use productivity apps. SamMobile has been fairly accurate with their rumors in the past, and they claim that the phone is undergoing testing currently and if all goes well, we can see the product being launched in early 2016. However, it’s quite likely that the device will be sold only in South Korea.

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