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Sexual Drugs: The Top Tips

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While sex isn’t frowned upon as before, many teenage girls do not know how to protect themselves or use drugs, and eventually get pregnant. Actually, lots of people tend to use drugs these days. Taking drugs can be now clearly seen from movies, and such scenes normally influence most people, especially teenagers. However, you need to realize your sexual health always comes first, and start improving your sexual education. When it comes to sex, the usage of different drugs can make you feel more confident, but you must keep in mind that many dangers come with it. Let’s look through the most popular sexual drugs, including alcohol.



It is commonly thought alcohol aids people to gain more confidence and makes their social interaction a lot easier. Believe it or not, there are people, who cannot imagine finding a sex partner without having a couple of drinks first. Alcohol really does help you become more sociable and heighten your mood. But you have to remember, in some cases alcohol might have negative effects and even cause aggression.

You should not be drinking too much, because alcohol slows down your body’s reactions, causes slurred speech and lack of coordination. You may also experience other side effects such as throwing up and dehydration. High doses of alcohol should not be consumed as they can cause alcohol poisoning and death.


Cannabis, also known as marijuana, weed, Mary Jane, etc. has already gained huge popularity at present. It is made from the flowers or the buds of the cannabis plant. Cannabis is a well-known psychoactive drug that can cause mood disorders and strange sensations. This drug contains THC, which is the main reason why people ‘get high’. Most people think having sex on cannabis is great, because it makes you horny, increases your sense of touch, and the orgasms feel more sensual. But it can have the opposite effect and make people less interested in sex. Turns out, if you smoke cannabis and tobacco, you might have erection problems.


Ecstasy, also known as E, is another popular drug among people at all ages. Couples usually think sex is more exciting on E, because it makes them extremely horny and their sense of touch is increased. However, you should never mix it with other drugs or even caffeine. The drug lowers your inhibitions, and makes users likely to get or pass on HIV. Sometimes, men use E and Viagra together, and call it ‘sexstasy’. Generally, it is used to help them get and keep a hard-on. Ecstasy can also cause unpleasant side effects such as anxiety and dizziness.


The so-called Poppers is a liquid, which used to come in glass capsules that popped when broken. It’s where the name comes from. Poppers is a widely used drug, because it intensifies your desire for sex and your orgasms. But according to researches, it plays a major role in HIV being passed on. Poppers lowers your inhibitions and encourages you to have unsafe sex. Moreover, it can make your immune system weaker. Legislation amongst countries does vary with regards to usage as Poppers UK laws would be different to those in Australia or USA for instance.


Viagra is definitely the most popular sex drug ever. It is been used by millions of men from all over the world. Viagra is pretty effective for men, who suffer from erectile dysfunction. This useful drug improves the blood flow to the penis so that it’s easier for you to get and maintain an erection. But you have to be careful, because viagra is considered potentially dangerous, especially if you overdose.

If you want to enhance your sexual pleasure and performance or just follow the latest trends, you will probably start taking drugs. Yes, they might have some great sex benefits, but they have many risks as well. So, is it really worth it? When you take sex drugs you may feel amazing pleasure for a moment, but the consequences can be serious afterwards. That is why you have to be more sexually educated, and avoid using such drugs.

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