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5 Shades Of Lipstick And What They Represent

Maroon lipstick
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For a lady her appearance is the reflection of her personality. Being the best version of her is of prime importance. Gone are the days when make-up was just to woo lovers. She is no longer shy to flaunt her sexy yet elegant side. She is confident of the way she looks and knows how to control it. Lips convey much of her, and a little add up magnifies her aura. The colour she carries on it reflects her mood and persona. Here is a list of five most preferred shades of lipstick which speaks volumes about her-


A lady wearing a shade of red is a lady with class. She sports remarkable confidence. She loves to lead and take charge. She might even prove to be better than her partner when it comes to dealing with issues that require great emotional strength. She is expressive and egalitarian and it comes to her naturally. She cares about others but never compromises with her own standards.

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Pink is a favourite of every young women. A Lady with blooming pink lips oozes energy and vibrancy . She often has a large social circle and is the pulse of her group. She loves hanging out. Secretly, she might love putting down her thoughts in a diary. She is willing to explore the world. Though her friends might be around her all the time, her family is always her first priority. Simple stuffs like flowers and a teddy can bring her a smile on her face but for someone in love with this lady, it is not that simple to get a straight approval as she loves prevarications.

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A woman who likes this shade is smart and composed.She simply won’t have things around that doesn’t make sense to her. So hoping a smile back from her as a response, after you smile at her after a random eye-contact, may turn to be fatal. She is intangible most of the time and it is not easy to read her mind. Intellectuality attracts her. Ambitious and aiming high, she has a steel will to get things done.  She is quick to build a stature at her workplace and is a promising professional.

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A lady sporting orange lips is just as funky as the colour. A rebel by nature, she is someone who loves breaking the norms . She is random and loves experimenting. She believes living in the moment. A long serious committed relationship might not appeal to her, rather she would prefer few short trials first. While every thing might appear simple and sorted-out in her life, her smile is often misleading. Despite dealing with multiple problems, she always puts up a brave front when facing the world.


A light transparent glossy lip represents a woman who is straight forward and open to her feelings. She is simply in love with her pristine being and encapsulates things to keep it simple. She hates showing off. So, for a guy approaching her (who believes that the gel on his hair, the shades, a strong irritating perfume and dad’s hard earned money will make her jump), she will simply show her back and never turn again!

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Women are never as complicated as men believe them to be. All they need to know is how to read her mind and the shade on her lips speaks a lot about her.

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